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The fear of non returning.

Just a chat....

Again, i know this might not gel with some of you. It has something to do with getting out of samsara.

Those who might have experienced/understand the state of jhana- spaceless and timeless. "If "that is, when one become Arahant, and that state of jhana is what A Arahant is. Don't you have...

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Welcome to the Meditation Discussion Forum at

Welcome to the meditation discussion forum at May all beings find true happiness.

The site has been home to a community of meditation practitioners since October 2007. We are not currently open to new members due to overwhelming numbers of bot and spam accounts.

You are welcome to read our public discussions on the boards as a guest, and may also find inspiration in our library of resources, gathered over nearly fifteen years by members of the community.

Below you will find a link to an introduction to meditation.

With much metta,

The community

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New to the forum? Please start here.

If you are new to the forum, or meditation, here are some links to help you find your way around. The community has been online since 2007 and it is quite likely if you are experiencing an issue with your practice that somebody has asked a similar question before.

The resources on this page may help you find your way.

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Beginning Meditation

Meditation of calm abiding is designed to bring your body and mind into full  harmony, to quieten the mind naturally over time, through
repeated practice and not using any kind of force, and to improve and deepen your level of concentration. It is the gate through which you gain the solid basis of a calm, stable, concentrated bodymind able to further investigate the reality in which you live (internally and externally).

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