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Full body breathing?
« on: August 16, 2010, 10:04:39 PM »
So i've decided to stay away from focusing too much on the tip of my nose, as I think ive hypnotized myself a couple times, and Buddha didn't talk about tip of nose either :P...
I focus my awareness on the full breath, as well as any pains/tensions/itches to try and relax them when they arise.

anyways i was meditating this morning and about 45minutes~ in I started really getting "in touch" i guess you could say with my breathing.  when I'd inhale I could feel my feet benefiting from the inhale, like they'd rise with the inhale almost, felt like there was a circle of something around me too :o.  It was a very blissful feeling.  I wonder when I'm ready to move into Vipassana.  I always feel refreshed and very good in general after my 1-1.5hr sessions.  I feel all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings that come and go.
I think the process goes mindfulness of bodily formations, then as they calm you can barely notice breathe and body.
then those fuzzy feelings come and go, you notice them... then at some point single pointed mind arises?
I just never walk away from my sessions with much insight really, like about myself. 

No point in worrying, it'll all come with time I suppose.  Just be mindful of breadth> whatever arises.

thinking out-loud,


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Re: Full body breathing?
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2010, 02:27:10 PM »
Hey Dope ;D , I am very happy that also you are aware of the benefits of breathing. Personally I like to practice pranayama a.k.a breath quigong while doing some stretching exercises. I do this for the toxins, did you know that the fastest detox is breath?


I was quite amazed to find out that we release more than 70%-80% of our bodies waste through breath itself, no wonder yogis practice this all day ;)

I am a great follower of yogameditation on youtube and stumbled up on this pranayama exercise:

Pranayama Qigong for Extraordinary Power and Deep Detox
I practice it everyday in the morning it really helps me for allergies and to open my lungs!

What is this exercise that you are doing? I am a bit new to the forum and would like to know... ^^

Please type back


- Jouz
Meditation Teacher
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