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Television watching
« on: July 27, 2010, 08:19:34 PM »
Hi, hope this is not going to sound like a stupid question ....
I have some experience with Zen meditation but I'm just finding out about Vipassana and I like what I'm learning about it.
I would like to know how the people on this forum feel about TV watching in general and its effects on a meditation practice. Is it recommended that we don't watch TV at all? I tend to watch a lot of TV but more and more I'm feeling that's counterproductive to my meditation practice.
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


Re: Television watching
« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2010, 01:21:19 AM »
 Haven't had a TV for years now  :D, but I do spend a lot of time on the internet  :-\.  And I do watch "TV shows" there.  Lately I have been watching many old Star Trek (DSN, Voyager, NG) episodes.  Is this okay?  Hard to answer.  I often do feel I should be meditating or some similar practice instead, but I don't think we are "harming" anyone by this pastime, unless it is ourselves we are harming and that wouldn't be in keeping with the practice re "all sentient beings, after all, we are one of those "all."  One thing I can say is that the fact that you are raising this question to yourself means you have some "doubt", and doubt is often the gateway (or preccondition) to positive change. I guess I would need to know "how much" time you spend watching it to be of any help.  I do watch one movie in the evenings, and sometimes they contain violence and such, but I think of it as make believe and thus not harmful.  Yet, those images are getting into my "mindstream," and so, I may need to do some sitting to make sure they get out of my mindstream, even though they are only images, and not actual events, but they very well could affect my dreams and I do not want disturbing dreams, only pleasant ones.  Finally, I must remember that "nothing is as it appears."


Morning Dew

Re: Television watching
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2010, 07:52:49 AM »
Hallo friends  :)

Instead of looking at the TV as a good or bad thing, observe the feeling you get which makes go and turn the TV, DVD, Internet On.
As soon you get the urge to start the TV Show go and sit instead. Right here you will get your answer  :)

Like this I found that I feel weak, low and kind of down even lost when ever I go for the TV, DVD, Internet or any other type of entertainment (music, circus, pub, footballgame, etc... )

I remember when I was in the war I felt more alive on those mountains than I will ever in this civilised city life. In the war we had no TV no radio, just forrest and being alert at all times, in the now.

Right here is your answer, intelectual answer which you can put into experiance and make it actual if you go and spend some time in the nature instead infront of the TV.

See for your self! As soon you get the urge, sit and watch your self as you are, small, weak, afraid, lost, empty ... whatever, just watch it and get to know it.

Remain relaxed


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