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More About My Meditation
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Im going to describe what i go through in my meditation.... Just let me know if this is Vipassana or not, and i dont have access to teachers so i read books, Currently reading Mindfulness In Plain English. Until i make Right Understanding of the experience, i will start forllowing basic principles of the Noble Eightfold Path into my daily life, But because i am only learning from books, im taking things easy with it to start with, like 1-3 hours meditatiing a day.... And sometimes walking meditation, But i do try to keep constant in my mindfulness during daily living.. Thanks

When i sit, i put all of my attention towards the feeling at my nose, I will do this for 10-20 minutes making sure that all of my attention is at the tip (or sometimes other areas around the rim, depending on whats easier at the time) and use this as a tool to block off the throughts that come to my mind.... If their are hindrances (or heavy thought) i will give that thought Loving Kindness (as stated in the Mindfulness In Plain English book), or another thing i do with hindrances is not put concepts behind the thought, then it is easier to get back to full attention on the breath..... When I have meditated in a resonable amount of quietness for 15 minutes or so then i start to get a real light feeling all over my body (especially in my head),  By this stage i sometimes delibrately do some Loving Kindness Meditation to keep that light state going (Not sure if i should be delibrately doing that though) , During this i am also putting alot of attention to my breath and also in a more observative type of way i start expanding the light feeling (notice i am observing, not trying to stay attatched)..... When i have been in this feeling state for a while i find it really easy to experiment with impermanance of the body, Like im almost not even picking or choosing where in the body i want to put my attention next.... Usually i finish sitting and lay back then use this feeling as a entrance into understanding impermanance of the body.......  The feeling i get can be very comfortable at times and if i enjoy it to much i figure that the experience ends quickly, so i do alot of watching and won't put concepts on the inner movement . ... I will also continue on with Loving  thoughts towards everyone/thing and so it goes on.....  

I hope i have been doing the right so far with my vipassana practice. IPlease feel free to let me know anything thats missing or not explain right, i accept all views...
Also another question, is this light feeling state anything to do with the Jhanas or the access concentration,...
Thanks all for reading,
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Re: More About My Meditation
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Thanks for your detailed description of your meditation process. I see that nobody has posted a response, so I wanted to join in before you worried that you're doing something wrong. I'm new here, but it looks like you're doing fine to me.  :)

My only piece of advice is to avoid attaching labels, like "is this Vipassana or not," or even whether something is "right" or "wrong," when you're contemplating your meditation practice. It just is. There may be others who are willing to say whether a certain methodology fits within the boundaries of a specific practice with a specific name, but don't buy into the view that it's really all that important. It appears that you're being very devoted to practice, and I commend you for that (I sure wish I could find 1-3 hours per day for meditation!). I encourage you to stay strong in this devotion and focus, as you said, on keeping constant in your daily mindfulness. No need to label it -- labels are just false constructs that get in the way of true mindfulness anyway.

It just is.

With metta,


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Re: More About My Meditation
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Also another question, is this light feeling state anything to do with the Jhanas or the access concentration,...
Just don't mind it. Let it be whatever it is. Be aware of the experience and stay with the knowing that it will pass away like everything else.
Let's go beyond this illusion, shall we?


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