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Intense hot air during Vipassana meditation
« on: July 14, 2010, 06:42:59 PM »
My history:
  • I started meditating 2.5 months ago. At the beginning, I followed this series on YouTube:
  • On my 5th day of practicing the above method, I suddenly felt a contraction in the center of my head, then some pressure on the top. My entire body also felt warmer. The feeling was quite intense. I thought it was my 3rd eye being activated. But everything was very normal after that. I haven't been able to see anything with it. Before this, I didn't believe in this "3rd eye" thing and only tried to stay calm and observe the breath.
  • Since that 5th day, I always expected my 3rd eye to open, out of curiousity. I guess that created a blockage that prevented me from making progress.
  • Then about a month ago, I found out this online book "Mindfulness in plain English" here I began to unlearn my old habits, and started doing Vipassana. I think there are a lot of commonalities between the 2 techniques? Anyway, I started to forget about the 3rd eye thing, and only meditated for peace and insights.
  • So I've been practicing Vipassana for about a month. It has been going on quite well. I found myself in a calm and clear state when practicing. And I could focus better on my studying after the sessions. Normally I sit for (40 minutes)x2 everyday. I'm really addicted to Vipassana.
  • Before my sessions, I always ask Guan Yin to help me stay calm and focused

Some weird experiences I've had during practicing Vipassana:
  • On one day while sleeping, I got an OBE. It started with sleep paralysis, then I felt something shocking my entire spine. I thought of Guan Yin and asked for help. Somehow I felt somebody telling me "it's gonna be alright". Then I relaxed and felt dizzy, then out of my body. I felt dark and couldn't see anything. But I remeber at that time, it felt as if I was waking up, as if that was even more real than now. I didn't try to move far, though. I thought "Ok that's enough. I don't think I'm ready for this. Please help me back." Getting back was a breeze. I woke up the first time in my room, but later found out it was still a dream. Then I woke up the 2nd time, feeling calm and peaceful.
  • Sometimes right after waking up but eyes still closed, I see a spiral. I just googled and it looks like this one: I roughly remember it was a light yellow on orange background.
  • A few days ago in my dream, I felt a very strong vibration between my eye brows. But the next morning waking up, I felt nothing there, and also felt peaceful.

My problem today:
  • Today while sitting, I suddenly felt some warm air passing my cheek. Then short after that I felt something hot from somewhere down my body rising and took over by entire body. My heart also beat faster and stronger. My head felt like exploding. I think it lasted for ~5 seconds. But the feeling was very intense. There was an aircon, but I sweated.
  • After that period, I went back to the normal, peaceful state. Amazingly, I felt peaceful, not frightened or worrying. But I keep wondering what that was. It's been 2 hours since then and I'm feeling normal. I don't see any weird thing.

My questions are:
  • Is this kind of experience common? What is it? Is it dangerous?
  • Am I going the right track? I've started to experience the feeling of "removing all the thoughts out of my head and only observing the breath and the body" during meditation. Surely I get distracted sometimes
  • Could that have been the Kundalini? Is there a risk of raising Kundalini when practicing Vipassana? I have no experience in that so I'm a little worried.
  • What is the difference between the technique in this video and Vipassana?

Many thanks to all of you for helping me :)


Re: Intense hot air during Vipassana meditation
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2010, 02:32:15 PM »
Well I just finish my sitting today. Today this same phenonmenon came up much earlier. Maybe after ~10 minutes. But the intensity was less than yesterday. It faded away. Then it came back 2 more times. The last time lasted for quite long. Could be half a minute, I don't know. I tried to stay calm this time and observe. Right before the experience started, I felt a sudden silence and focusness. During it, I felt warm air blowing on my face. I also saw some mild white light at the same time. And the hot air in my body, I don't know exactly from where, but when it rise up to my head, my nose felt the strongest. As if there was a lot of gas there.

I'm not sure if I'm going the right way. I'd appreciate any help :)


Re: Intense hot air during Vipassana meditation
« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2010, 11:14:09 AM »
When my breath become very subtle, almost like I don't breathe at all, I make no effort to inhale and just observe the situation. Is this the right reaction according to Vipassana?


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Re: Intense hot air during Vipassana meditation
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2010, 04:23:09 PM »
Hi phucnguyen,

I recommend to you to read Mindfulness in plain english. Here you have a great explanation of what meditation is and what is not.

Practicing only concentration is not what we pursuit. Just watch your breath, only observe it. If it's subtle it's right. That is what I understand about your question.



Re: Intense hot air during Vipassana meditation
« Reply #4 on: July 24, 2010, 04:44:42 PM »
Thanks Idud.

I guess my problem is over now. It happened for 3 days. Now I sometimes have warm air rising up but the feeling is much less intense, not crazily hot like the first day. I guess I'll just go on with my normal vipassana meditation and stop worrying about it.

Thanks for sending me the link. This version of the book looks nicer. I'll spend time reading the book over again to grasp it better.

Many thanks :)


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