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New and more than a bit confused
« on: July 03, 2010, 09:26:44 PM »
Hello all

I have started to meditate as I have a life full of stress and a recent serious life event that has prompted me to meditate for a purposeful life.
Its not a 'flash in the pan' decision and I seriously want to commit to this in the long term.

Meditation forums and discussions seem to be sadly thin on the ground on the internet and so I would like to pose a question here in hope of a mature and educated answer.

My meditation currently consists of silently concentration my mind on a simple Mantra, half on the in breath half on the out breath. It seems to be working pretty well but being a Virgo I would like to know if this fits into a nice neat box so I can call myself an "x type meditator"  :-\

I have no religious beliefs and dont really need any, but does this mantra technique qualify as a Buddhist technique? or a Hindu technique? etc

Please don't regard my questions as at all flippant or derogatory of anyones personal beliefs as this is not my intention at all.
I have worked out that my Mantra technique probably isn't the method used by the patrons of this great forum though.

Any help and guidance will be greatly recieved.


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Re: New and more than a bit confused
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I am far from qualified to give you advice but until someone else chimes in here is a good enough read;

Remain relaxed  :)


Re: New and more than a bit confused
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Thanks, I posted a similar link in the last thread, just before your identical one as here.
The problem is that it doesn't really help me as its a confusing subject, hence my original thread.


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Re: New and more than a bit confused
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Angelpen - Welcome to the forums. A mantra is a form of mental fabrication. Unless you are really having trouble settling the body-mind to meditate on the sensations of your body as you breathe it does not help to use mantra or visualisations or counting. This is just more conditioning you will eventually have to rid yourself of.

Better to sit and breathe and be and notice your body. The mind will calm itself with this process. It is important to remain upright and relaxed but also awake and concentrated - it's a bit like riding a bike - a bit wobbly at first but you get the hang of it after a while.

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Re: New and more than a bit confused
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Hi Anglepen,

There are many mantra techniques in Buddhism, too, but I 'd say that it is better to use them under guidance of good teacher. If you use mantra to stop your mind (as it occurs in transcendent meditation technique), you become too attached to the mantra, and can hardly stop using it when you have to go to higher states.

Usually mantras are used to achieve some special results (say, to open a chakra or channel or develop one of energy bodies), but for working with emptiness (and, hence, with consciousness), from my point of view, it is better to keep silence. Keeping inner silence  for 30-60 minutes may be too far goal for the beginners, so usually they focus on relaxation of the whole body (from crown to fingertips and toes), keeping the right posture and smooth, deep breathing.

Later, when your skill in total relaxation of the body/keeping the right posture/breathing becomes strong enough, you will be able to expand your perception to outer space and subtler states.


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