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Dhamma Dohas
« on: June 23, 2010, 06:15:35 PM »
Given below are some Dohas from my teacher Shri SN Goenka. The doha is a favourite Indian poetic form similar to the gathas (verses) often used by the Buddha, and it remains, even today, a strong part of Indian culture.

These dohas are pretty much what constitute most of the chanting that goes on during the course. Each and every doha from my teacher is special and shows amazing insight and wisdom. These dohas, in my honest opinion, are no less than any words from the Dhammapada.

While they have been beautifully composed in Hindi, their English translations do great poetic injustice to them - which is why I have not posted the English translations here. What that means very unfortunately is that Non Hindi speakers may have to miss out on this thread  :(

Nonetheless atleast for the benefit of the Hindi speakers, here are some of my particularly favourite Dohas, in no particular order:

Kśhaṇa kśhaṇa kśhaṇa kśhaṇa bītate,
jīvana bītā jāya.
Kśhaṇa kśhaṇa kā upayoga kara,
bītā kśhaṇa nā āya.

Dekho apane āpako,
samajho apanā āpa.
Apane ko jāne binā,
miṭe na bhava-santāpa.

Vāṇī to vaśha meṅ bhalī,
vaśha meṅ bhalā śharīra.
Para jo mana vaśha meṅ kare,
vahī śhūra vaha vīra.

Mana hī durjana, mana sujana,
mana bairī mana mīta.
Mana sudhare saba sudhari haiṅ,
kara mana parama punīta.

Namana kareṅ hama Dharama ko,
Dharama kare kalyāṇa.
Dharama sadā rakśha kare,
Dharama baḍā balavāna.

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