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Meditation and voices
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I started meditation a little over 5 years ago.  I was unable to find any local teachers so I just read as many books on the subject as I could to learn what I was doing.  After a while I suddenly came into contact with some very loud voices and other noises when meditating.  It was as if they were linked to my mind and it often seemed like they were trying to influence my mind.  I tried to test them as best as I could to determine if they were sentient or merely a hallucination.  I really was not able to be sure one way or the other.  I just want to enjoy a calm and quiet mind if that is possible.  I have since read many more books on meditation and feel I know what i'm doing and I still have not been able to break free of these experiences completely.  Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them?  Can I meditate my way past these experiences to the calm serenity that I am seeking?  They are very destabilizing experiences!  Should I give up meditation completely? 


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Re: Meditation and voices
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If you think you know what you are doing this could well be the source of the problem. You have to feel your way in meditation rather than think, for the most part. Practising basic full body breathing meditation to achieve calm and concentration will lead you to develop compassion and equanimity towards yourself also. In this way you may begin to give space to these voices which come from your own mind. Then as you continue to practice Shamatha, hearing but not rejecting nor clinging to anything, not judging, these voices will subside.

In any case if the voices become overwhelming then I would in addition recommend that you find a good talking therapist, one with good qualifications and recommendations, and explore your life in that way too. I would not recommend going via a psychiatrist as this may lead to a label and some mind altering drugs but less likely to lead to real help.

Regarding your question: "Can I meditate my way past these experiences to the calm serenity that I am seeking?"

Yes .. and no ... stop seeking and and let things be, be a witness unto yourself, let your mind unwind naturally .. and the calm serenity you seek is within reach, keep seeking and clamouring after things or states of mind and this very clinging may well be that which denies you what you seek.

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