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Slipping the shackles of dreams
« on: June 12, 2010, 06:35:08 PM »
Hi all,

First post, and having searched the forum I'm just looking for advice and opinions on a little problem I have.

Often I get very intense dreams, not in the sense that they are nightmares; just in the sense that the feelings attached to them (curiousity, sadness, bewilderment etc) are uncommonly strong when I wake up. This leads to a kind of 'dream hangover'. If it's particularly bad, the first few hours of the day can be difficult, in that I find myself almost constantly swept away from the present. I usually have to do something physical to snap myself out of it, like a good cycle or walk.

This early morning excursion however, isn't always possible. And so if I fancy a good old fashioned sit, I find it quite difficult. I'll sit and be aware of the thoughts and emotions, but they are so powerful that they inevitably take over. I think the solution is just to sit it out, but I suppose I'm just seeing if there's any other tips or tricks you guys might have encountered that could be useful!

Also in terms of trying to eradicate the problem rather than the effects - I put the cause of the dream hangover down to a shallow nights sleep...I'm one of those mouth breathers and particularly during the hotter weather I tend to get a dry mouth at night and while I'm not constantly waking, when I wake I know I haven't slept I make an effort to 'prehydrate' (not sure if I just made that up) by watering myself well in the evenings and having a glass of water by the bed etc.

Any suggestions much appreciated :D



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Re: Slipping the shackles of dreams
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2010, 06:03:51 AM »

Have you tried keeping a dream journal? The way to do it is have one by your bed just for dreams. When you awake firstly write down the core details of dreams on one page. Then start writing out every detail you can recall. Do it daily and your recall will improve dramatically and quickly.

You can't stop yourself from having dreams but this way you will be more aware of them, more able to hear the message of them and as a result less influenced in subconscious ways.

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