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Which branch of yoga?
« on: May 19, 2010, 01:58:41 PM »
Hello, all.

I'd like to try yoga, but I'm confused by the different branches.

I've been reading books by Ajahn Chah, Aahn Sumedho and other Thai forest monks, but I've never heard any mention of yoga. Any idea which type of yoga would best complement the thai forest tradition?

Thanks, Joe.
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Re: Which branch of yoga?
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I have tried several types, from basic Hatha through Iyenga y Power, but I am currently doing Kundalini yoga and am very pleased. It is very adapted to Westerners and combines postures with breathing with meditation.

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Re: Which branch of yoga?
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kundalini is not so resonant with thai forest tradition. we do not seek to awaken the kundalini in doing jhana. iyengar, vinyasa, ashtanga &sivananda hatha, are all legitimate. iyengar and vinyasa flow are good. depends on yr body as well. i prefer static stretches of iyengar and also some more flowing asanas... sun salutation, etc.
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Re: Which branch of yoga?
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2010, 05:59:13 AM »
Hatha is the one I have heard most recommend though I am not a practitioner.

I used to do Ashtanga yoga which was done at high speed so was an aerobic workout. That was before I was a meditator and I doubt it would fit well, though if not done as an athletic pursuit it might work better alongside sitting.

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Re: Which branch of yoga?
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Thanks for your help.


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