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« on: February 08, 2010, 02:48:42 AM »
Warm Greetings,

I haven't posted in quite a while, but I do read most of the posts.

I am curious and I have noticed during my practice lately that I tend to salivate and then subsequently need to swallow during my sittings. Although I have done this since I began to meditate, it was not much of an issue or I didn't notice it as much because in the beginning I was not achieving the deep level of stillness and calm awareness that I do now.

I sit perfectly still in the Burmese position on a cushion for an hour or more at a time but I find that this need to swallow alters and sometimes disturbs my stillness and changes the course of my awareness. I only swallow a few times in an hour but at that very moment my awareness is momentarily broken and although I do practice awareness of whatever arises I find that swallowing has a similar effect to moving my whole body.

I do try to practice, what I believe is the correct procedure, to gently close my mouth and place my tongue against the roof of my mouth for the duration of the sitting.

I am interested in hearing about the experiences and techniques of others specifically related to swallowing or how to avoid it during meditation and how swallowing effects or changes your practice when it happens.



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Re: Swallowing
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I too have not posted in quite some time.  I have also found swallowing to be an issue.  When one becomes more relaxed, I believe salivation increases.  Sometimes I feel like a dog.  Its the worst if you have mucus caught in your throat.  Believe it or not, for a brief while I tried just drooling because it was so bad.  That did not work, lol.  I suppose the only thing to do is to swallow only when you really need to, ie., your mouth is full of saliva, and then do it mindfully.  Otherwise, I'm really not sure.


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Re: Swallowing
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I just came back from my first 10 day course and I noticed there that I had to swallow alot which I cant remember having been a problem when meditating at home so I figured it was due to nervousness but after a few days when concentration got better I didnt swallow as much. And again when I had a 'bad' focusing day swallowing increased again. I couldnt hear the others in the hall swalloing the first days and thaught it was only me that did this but after a few days  more and more people started to swallow and if one person swallowed after a long period of silence it set of a whole cascade of swallowing through the hall. Also when I accepted that I had to swallow once in a while and stopped bothering about it being a disturbance to others the problem went away almost completly.
If there is swalloing there is swalloing - just accept reality as it is and the problem goes away or at least stops being a problem.


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