Author Topic: Where's the evidence for karma, rebirth, and the supernatural?  (Read 19098 times)


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Re: Where's the evidence for karma, rebirth, and the supernatural?
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I'm atleast grateful that Christianity is the predominant religion and not Scientology or Transcendental Meditation.

And why are you grateful about that?   I thought TM was basically mantra meditation.  Mantra meditation is the first one I tried and it actually got me away from suicide.   It also led me to learn more about meditation, to learn about anapansatti and vipassana.   And why is Christianity better than Scientology.   This is a religion I have only heard of but know almost nothing about.   

Asked with metta,



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Re: Where's the evidence for karma, rebirth, and the supernatural?
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He started with:
 “Can meditation help my sex problems?        (24th Dec’09)

Then he demanded:
 “Where’s the evidence for karma, rebirth, and super natural?”  (26th Dec’09)

And found:
 “Contradictions between Buddhism and personal development” (26th Dec’09)

Intellectuals always put forward debates like that.

Are you saying it was wrong to ask those questions?

If it was, why didn't those threads get closed immediately?

The problem is not intellectual debate, the problem is that you guys got offended when I attacked the idea of rebirth and karma.

I didn't see anyone complaining in the "Contradictions between buddhism and personal development" thread, a purely intellectual one.

Dear Abbath,
   Though TIB has replied your post in line of my thinking, I understand that you are bit hurt inside becoz of my post.

If that is the case I sincerely apologize to you if I misunderstand your feeling anyway.

However, let me express my feelings (if I can with words!) that already pages have been written by fellow members so I don’t want repeat it again. Like you I have also so many questions, doubts but I keep aside all these presently and started meditation with little faith ( TIB correctly replaces ‘Faith’ with ‘Confidence’) to ‘experience my self’ what truth actually is rather than to be satisfied from experiences of others!


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