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A mindfulness prod
« on: October 30, 2009, 08:23:12 PM »
Today I was searching for software that would remind me to be mindful while using the computer. I didn't find anything satisfactory, but by chance, this afternoon, I downloaded some software for sticking virtual post-it notes to your desktop. One of the options allows you to set stickies to 'recurring' with any time interval that you choose (currently I have mine set at 8 mins), then when they 'wake up' they go to front of your screen and remind you to be mindful. There is also an option that makes them shake (while the border changes colour!), or even play a sound file of your choice.

Generally it's when I'm bogged down in writing, or doing other computer stuff, that my mind (and body) gets knotted down in wordly/egoic thoughts. It's nice to have mindfulness rescue me, and I'm sure it will make work more creative and less stressful.

I haven't tested this over any length of time, but theoretically it seems a good idea.
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Re: A mindfulness prod
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Certainly beats a Zen master with a baseball bat thwacking you on the back every twenty minutes :)
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Re: A mindfulness prod
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Re: A mindfulness prod
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2009, 04:29:00 AM »
My salutaions to Irreverant Buddha,

We should also remember the story of an ace rope walker.
Lured by a thief he agreed to  rope-walk to a museum where there was a precious jewel to be stolen at the dead of the night.
But when he started, he could not cross, because the wife who used to play a particular drum beat was not there below!
May Joe attain nibbana,


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Re: A mindfulness prod
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Yes, a good parable. Thank you.


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