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watching time
« on: September 14, 2009, 11:06:57 PM »
for most of my working life, the clock was a big factor.  completing a certain number of tasks per hour, sometimes in 5 minute periods , etc.    I guess to make matter worse, I would extend this into activities in my personal life--how long would it take to do this or that--it became my personal competition.  It wasn't bothersome, not even obsesssive really.  Well, I bring this into my meditation.  I think my practice is pretty good, with the exception that I find myself wanting to know how much time is left, I'll open my eyes and check the clock and return.  I would say I do it about a third of the time I meditate.  I don't think I blame it on restlessness as much as I do on a habit.  I enjoy my practice and have the time to devote several hours a day to it. 
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Re: watching time
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This is very common. It's a form of habit based thinking to be broken in. Set a quiet alarm for the duration of your intended sit and when you want to look at the clock return your focus to the breath.

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