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Hello all!  I am new to meditation and I just wanna know if in order to practice good meditation, do I need to get a  teacher to teach me meditation? How can I tell if I'm meditating the right way?
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Re: Do I Need a Meditation Teacher ?
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Good question ! However you are not here to ask questions but to plug your local meditation centre with links in your posts - I always remove or change these if anyone is wondering what I am referring to.

I asked you nicely not to do this and now you have set up a new account to try and get round it. You definitely need a lesson in respecting others.

A few lessons:

1) We are not stupid.
2) We keep a close eye on our forums which is why it is not full of the kind of spam you promote.
3) Your accounts are now banned from posting.
4) If you are a member of a meditation centre your questions consist of wrong speech as they are lies.
5) If you create another account I will take further action.

Now go away please. Any more plugs or links to your centre by anyone and legal action will follow against you, your Internet service provider Smart Broadband Limited, Ayala Avenue, Makati City, PH and the meditation centre you are plugging.

In the Dhamma,


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