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Out of curiosity, I subscribed to Tricycle, a Buddhist magazine ( I didn't take the time to read the articles yet, I received it this morning so I just glanced through it but wow....Talk about marketing meeting religion!!! Books, retreats (Shambala really has a nice page on retreats and books...this is for you Matthew  ;) ) This magazine owes nothing to the Evangelists magazines or Martha Stewart's! I will read it but ..yuk! I don't like how advertisement is washed with buddhism...
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Dear Frepi,

One of the main issues I had with the Shambhala Sangha was their determination to grow in numbers. I prefer not to be part of a corporate production line for "Shambhala Buddhists". The corporatism of it and the career Buddhists drawn to it are dysfunctional in many ways.

One of the founding principles of this Sangha was that we would grow slowly, organically, through building friendships, trust and good communications. We all know sometimes that has not always manifested wonderfully yet I feel this place grows from strength to strength even if we are few in numbers.

The actual articles in the Magazine are not bad and sometimes wonderful. I read the tricycle editors blog rather frequently and my personal website is linked from there described by him as "receiving an Honorable mention: The Irreverent Buddhist. Great stuff - wistful, weary, and wise".


ps My website does not have advertisements and neither will this one - ever.

pps Some days I'm wiser than others ;)
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