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Similarities between Vipassana and Scientology
« on: January 11, 2009, 01:42:19 PM »
..the title alone may turn some people purple with anger as scientology itself is such a reactive subject, ..if you calm urself down, take a few deep, smooth breaths.. i will explain my findings.
.. i have been to 3 .. 10 day vpsna courses... newzealand, japan and england..all 3 were great..infact the one in japan was amazing.. on about the 7th day it started to rain unbelievably ...proper typhoon..the centre is at the bottom of a mountain..anyway..the centre started to flood and everyone thought they were gonna be washed away for sure...imagine tryin to maintain focus while a typhoon is threatening your very existance (physically)  .. ..the water was up to our waists.. and the staff ran around with planks of wood and sandbags and crates.. and managed to build a bridge to the foodhall and to the toilets..everyone crossed the bridge , some fell in ..some lost their shoes etc...but everyone managed to get to safety..and later that night the water level dropped, the next day the sun was out and more or less dried up the grounds... but the absolute amazing thing was... during all that commotion the night before not one word was spoken..they managed to keep the silence all the way through it ..unbelievable ..its such a strong memory. anyway gettin back to the subject...i have a good friend who is a sctgyist.. im always open to ideas an beliefs
as long as its not worship not into worship.. for years we talked.. his concepts , my concepts..i was always comin from a buddhist or meditative place ..he was comin from his sctlgy knowledge... anyway so i know quite a bit of what they study and why they study it.. factly whether u like it or not sctgy is a `good` thing it comes from a good place..we both believe that `you` are the spirit and not the body or the mind....they have trained people called auditors ..a good auditor has around 7 to 10 years of experience of handling the spirit .. so an auditing session goes like this ..the auditor using an Emeter (meter that can read micro electric charge on the body) basically if your mind sticks to a memory u have charge on that memory and the meter reads it..little bit like a lie detector, so the auditor can guide the student to where he holds charge and helps him to confront that memory so he can clear it up. (im sure u can clear charge through meditation) ..cud be  a painful memory..lets say he twisted his ankle one day..the auditor gets him to go over and over the incident until the charge has gone and that incident doesnt read anymore on the Emeter.. often the student gets a pain in the ankle or numbness whilst clearing the memory.. so the goal of the student is to become clear of his reactive mind through memory.. the goal of vpsna student is to become clear of his reactive mind on a physical sctlgy the being goes into his memory to clear..vpsna the being goes into his body to clear...if i meditate and come across a blockage in my body and stay with it until its gone it feels like my physiology changes and i become straighter or feel stronger..also my friend has a good session where he blows some charge he to feels his body changes becomes straighter...and we both know that the mind impinges itself on the body, and that memory pictures and cells are strongly linked .both sctlgy and vpsna are aware of or believe in past lives..
i just want to end by sayin dont believe anythin you read about sctlgy unless it comes from the church itself.. the goverment has tried so hard to surpress it..why?  cos they know how useless they would be if everybody started to become clear and be able to think for themselves. also when people are clear they rarely become sick so the pharmacuptuals (?) wud miss out too. .and that Tom Cruise is always portrayed as being crazy :D when we all know hes just a very happy guy. ;D .the same wud happen for vipassana if that became big. :'(.ever wandered why beneficial practicies such as yoga and meditation are kept away from schools..u and me know the positive impact it wud have if they were practiced as a norm in society..instead kids are taught that same mind numbing rubbish for the past hundred years.  i read that L ron hubbard used to sit in the kitchen for hours and his wife wud say" what the hell are u doin just sat there" and he would reply happily .."thats wat im doin  ...just sittin here"  sounds like meditation to me!!! 
u wud have to read dianetics i suppose if u wanted to know about `charge` and how charge holds mental pictures in place... our goal by the way whatever religion you are is to become fully concious
if a religions priority isnt that.. dont give it the time of day! what do you think?.. and i just want to say im in japan right now and what a beautiful country it is :-*   .. open to discussion :)
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Re: Similarities between Vipassana and Scientology
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Hi mattkingz,
All of that sounds good and I am actually curious if Scientology is such a bad thing.  Why would many celebrities and others, some of whom I respect, be practicing if it all was as silly as represented by many sources?

You will find here in this Sangha we have a strong misgivings about religion and religious dogma.  Needing to see an auditor smacks to me a little like needing a priest or any other fetish outside of ones self to gain awareness.  However, spirituality and discovery through meditation, Buddhist tenets and other practices are strongly supported.  I personally very strongly feel that no one has a monopoly on the truth and we are on our own paths of inner-knowing. 

I think other than the fact that Scientology is a religion and all the shortcomings that stem from that, what really confuses me is the whole Thetan / Alien aspect that seems to be part of their belief system.  Can you speak to that?

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Re: Similarities between Vipassana and Scientology
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Hi mattkingnz,

I think you're right - that there are similarities, because at the end of the day, all systems of psychological, spiritual & religious practice are working with the same underlying reality. I guess I'm stating the obvious here, but no matter how you dress it up, whatever terms you use, and whatever perspectives you are coming from, you are working with the same physical & non-physical energies of the human body and of the whole universe itself. Consciousness and matter.

I have come to realize that energies in the body are real, and that sensitivity to them increases through meditation and inner silence. Although I am still finding my way through my own energetic blocks, I have learned quite a bit through several years of research on the internet, reading, and my own practice. What is clear to me is that there are a multitude of different therapies, disciplines, practices & traditions out there, and they all have their own framework for describing what is essentially just different aspects of the *same* thing.

For example, I have found much commonality between all of the following (in terms of their treatment of consciousness, energy and/or releasing blockages / emotion):

  • Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Astral Projection
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Bioenergetics & Ogone Energy (Wilhem Reich)
  • Chiropractic
  • Focusing (Eugene Gendlin)
  • LSD Psychotherapy (Stanislav Grof)
  • Holotropic Breathwork (Stanislav Grof)
  • QiGong (a.k.a. Chi Gung)
  • Tai Chi
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Yoga
  • Meditation

And I guess I should now add Scientology to the list!

It is not immediately obvious, until you investigate, that these are in large part describing the same energetic phenomena using their own frameworks. Sometimes I am reminded of the story of the 3 blind men asked to describe an elephant by touch alone, each of them holding a different part - one the tail, one the trunk and one a tusk. Needless to say they all describe a radically different creature.

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Re: Similarities between Vipassana and Scientology
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yeah i totally agree that there are alot of practices trying to accomplish the same thing..even the book`the power of now` if u managed to stay present constantly you would eventually become fully concious....and it doesnt matter which road you take long as your doin somethin that is real to you.
.. to somethin that joe mentioned...about why would you need an auditor..they believe that you need two terminals to release charge....the student gives communication and the auditor recieves it..its like have you ever had a stressed day and u didnt really feel comfortable talkin to the people around you...and then you meet with a friend and ur like..blah,blah,blah..and then you feel better...communication is the most important thing for good relations between people. and its a massive subject in scntgy.. and hubbard has a slight dig at buddhism in the fact that people go hiding away in mountains away from civilisation...and all them years they are meditating they cud be amongst the population bringing people up and helpin people.   

Aliens.. i asked my friend about aliens and xenu..and i was a bit scared when i did...because i read on the internet that u shud never mention xenu and aliens to a i asked him ??? and he looked at me like this  :o      he had never heard of xenu and never come across anythin about aliens and hes been there for 14 years.    so the fact that you are confused about xenu and aliens is no surprise cos thats exactly what is intended by this mis-data.. its possible they took it out of one of his sci-fi books as he used to be in a sci-fi writers group. thetan by the way is wat they call the spirit...
hope that helped....  :)                   hope that the world becomes concious ;D


Re: Similarities between Vipassana and Scientology
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    somethin i looked up..         :)     

“A man is as dead as he can’t communicate. He is as alive as he can communicate. With countless tests I have discovered (to a degree which could be called conclusive) that the only remedy for livingness is further communicatingness. One must add to his ability to communicate.”—L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics 55!



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