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Weird sensation
« on: March 01, 2022, 02:45:04 PM »
Hello everyone

I started daily meditation 3-4 months ago, 2 times a day (20 min morning)  and 45-1 hour before bed.
I have to things that I would like to get advice about.

1. 3 days ago, after waking up i started to have a feeling in the back of my head during the day and i still have it now. Its like a knot or a blockage. It feels like a pressure in the back of my head/neck whenever i try to think about specific things.
Its better day by day but it is still uncomfortable and it makes me anxious.  One time i tried to meditate focusing on the feeling behind my head without judgment and It disappeared  but the next few minutes I felt a palpitation in my heart and anxiety. I tried to let the anxiety go without reacting to it and it eventually went away but then I remained with a pressure in the chest. I went outside and walked on earth bare feet  and the blockage in the heart went away. I felt good.
The first 2 days the blockage was in the back of my head right in the middle. Now this is my third day and the blockage is felt on the sides, especially on the right side (behind my right ear)

2. Im having difficulties falling asleep. Whenever i close my eyes I fall into a meditative state and I can stay there a long time, even hours.

I practiced different kinds of meditation, Breathing, mindfulness, and manifestation meditation (imagining things)
I think i may over did manifestation meditation for 3 days but im not sure. I  stopped the practice.

I now only meditate if i get into the meditative state while trying to fall asleep for 10-20 minutes.

Should i stop meditating for a while or should i meditate more on the blockages in my head?

I also do fitness at home, 2 times a day, I feel good for a while then I get semi anxious again whenever the feeling in my head rises up.

Any advices ?
Thank you!

Later Edit: after writing this post i started doing my fitness and at some point i was thinking about something and the presure moved from by back head to my upper part of the head.
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Dharmic Tui

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Re: Weird sensation
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2022, 09:38:50 PM »
There's various schools of thought regarding sensation in the head, maybe you are having a Kundalini experience.

I've had it fairly commonly on and off since meditating. Perhaps it's a consequence of tuning your mind into different or new sensation. The sensation has felt to me like some sort of subconscious balled fist, or unanswered question.

Through sitting with this over the years if I had some pointers it's to not fear the sensation, don't get caught up on wishing it away, or even trying to interpret it. Just allow it to be.


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