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Practising awareness in daily basis.
« on: May 06, 2021, 02:19:35 AM »
This is the first time i read this burmese monk teaching. i kind of missed his name as i thought Sayadaw is the name of the monk, apparently Sayadaw means reverend father. i think it is posted in myanmar language. Translated using google  and make some changes base on my best understanding....

Q&A between student and Sayadaw.

STUDENT:  It is difficult to listen attentively to the contents of a talk and still be aware that listening is happening. Do I listen and at the same time remind myself by mental labeling the phenomenon "listening, listening?

Sayadaw Tejaniya: It is not necessary to label. Just be aware of the process. The mind is very fast; if you label then you’re holding back awareness.

If you’re listening more, then awareness is weak because your awareness hasn’t become a habit yet. Now you start to be aware, right? The awareness is from personal effort. Listening is also from personal effort. Then awareness is difficult. When awareness becomes natural, you don’t have to force to be aware but awareness is already there, at that time it is very easy to be attentive to the talk and yet be aware.

For beginners, when awareness hasn’t become a habit yet, it is very difficult because when the mind pays attention to outside job, awareness is gone. If you try to be aware inside, and when you’re putting in 100% attention, you will not be able to focus on outside thing ; for instance, you read a book or TV, but will not know the content, you will not be able to catch what other said during conversation say because you’re only aware inside. It work just like when you are thinking of something else or day dreaming, you can't catch what other people is saying. The conscious/mind can only work in a singular line, but of course it can change lane as and when we like.

That’s why I say don’t focus too much but make awareness a habit day by day, at every moment;  awareness is present. Then awareness becomes natural awareness, not from personal effort. There is no need for personal effort because natural effort arises due to momentum. Moment to moment, moment to moment awareness gains momentum and the awareness becomes a habit. When it becomes a habit, we don’t have to exert energy. At that time, awareness does its job and the mind also does its job. Then you can see clearly that both are working.
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Re: Practising awareness in daily basis.
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I also find the labelling requires too much effort.
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Re: Practising awareness in daily basis.
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Practice brings us into present moment awareness. Putting that into action in every waking moment is where the rubber his the road.
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