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Re: Procrastination ...
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Hi Raushan,

The author goes on to say that education is what dulls the mind. I think it's a bit more than that. We learn things at school, how to understand, but also in the world, in our families etc. We put names to things and stop seeing clearly because we habituate a perception linked to the name, to the thinking, not seeing things clearly as they are but through this lens of accumulated habits.

Exactly, it's not like people outside of school are all free and speaks the truth. Their mind is also equally conditioned. Agree with that. Krishnamurti says we should be able to live without any kind of resistance or conflict.


This is what I think the skandha teachings of the Buddha are about. Skandha means 'heap' or 'pile' so, I believe, this refers to the heap of accumulated preconceptions that are wired into the neurons of the brain by repeated firing of those circuits. It's a lot of what we are undoing in practice: quieting the mind, stopping those patterns, then gaining insight once we have established calm and equanimity, seeing through to the roots of these piles of habits, and undoing them, taking away their power, so we see everything fresh, without the filters.

Yes agree with that. Haven't read for since a long time the suttas. But I can see myself how many things in my head carrying. I still feel the pain of very early life incidents that means I haven't really let them go yet.


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Re: Procrastination ...
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The point is the dulling of clarity happened as he progressed through childhood ...
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