Author Topic: (Not Important) This is mind control pretending it isnt confuses millions of ppl  (Read 156 times)


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and creates a huge wall preventing millions from becoming happy. (or rather the confusion does, the poor confusing way of teaching in general with this subject is blocking millions I bet)

(This question is for entertainment purposes only dont waste your time on it )

So when you say just let the mind or everything be as it is never try to control the mind, doing THIS allows you to control the mind, all you did is create a language paradox. The effect that has on mass is to perhaps confuse millions of people and block millions of people from happiness undermine trust because its a lie, and undermine confidence in teaching because it shows you dont understand whats going on if you teach this way and mean it, lastly it ruins results gained with THIS  incorrect paradox style teaching method when you later discover its not correct.

So not just this specific method of teaching but in general most people dont know whats going on and teach in a very confusing weird way thats counter productive to be able to doing this especially if you are presenting it to millions of people in such a weird ineffective all over the place format .

Do you think its got to be secular or you are hurting more people rather than helping more people, psychology or you are doing less good in the world than if you use a more  traditional or irrational  way of teaching?

Agree or disagree and why?

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Maybe the traditional way is more effective for more people IDK, what do you guys think?


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I would hedge my bets that its more damaging and less effective done the traditional way (more effective done a scientific proven less confusing and less religious way) and it will cause some controversy and divide when an altruistic religion or its members realise that they are teaching sub optimally and could be doing more altruism if its done the secular way and they are doing less good or altruism in the world than they could be if they carry on with traditional /religious inspired methodology.
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I don't know if I understand your point correctly, but it echoes something that I noticed.
Although masters often teach that wisdom and compassion are one thing,
one can see that their teachings are often unbalanced in favor of one of the two.
There seems to be a more conservative and traditional approach that emphasizes the difficulty
and efforts to achieve enlightenment, and a more open and welcoming approach that
emphasizes relaxation and loving kindness as the primary vehicle.
We can thus hear in the same tradition on the one hand that reaching awakening is more difficult than
pierce an arrow stuck in the center of a target so far away that it is hardly visible
(or something like that, from memory) and on the other hand there is nothing to be done.


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