Author Topic: Is it bad advice to tell people to just focus on building the awareness "muscle"  (Read 295 times)


and if you do that you are most of the way there, its also a robust way of doing it because it relies on brain change rather than a delicate skill thats easily lost , im in no position to advise people but I did anyway I just want to know if I got it right.

On the plus side it seems this is the core/ essential/ skill to have.

Another plus side is my psychologist recommended I do it this way he is a man of science and his methods are proven ,  hes helping mentally ill people and a Dr
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I think as an approach to keeping practise simple as you start out it's good, as long as one has a basic understanding of what it is supposed to achieve and Buddhist right view.

As awareness develops and one starts to develop a better understanding of how the mind works wisdom starts to develop and a feedback loop develops, then practise isn't so simplistic as you start using the muscle you've developed.

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I've seen some of Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche's videos on youtube on meditation and he says - if you're aware you are meditating. I remember my first retreat and what mostly happened was that the mind slowed down so I became aware of how my thoughts and feelings worked.

Much of it has not changed for me. After all this time, I just have more data on how my mind works. But the analysis and conclusions you draw might need more than just awareness. So I think I agree with Goofaholix. If you're Buddhist, then you see the mind through the lens of Buddhist ideas. If you are secular, you might conclude that being aware of your mind can give you more control over what you want to do or achieve in your career. If you are Christian, you might respond differently to 'sinful' thoughts and feelings.
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