Author Topic: I can see everything im aware of everything taking place in my mind.....BUT  (Read 442 times)


.....BUT it still doesn't work properly. As in its not particularly pleasant. My mind is still grasping despite being aware, and despite seeing and being aware of the grasping!  (and despite seeing the self talk, the self etc)

Does that mean im not seeing everything? End of discussion?

Or does it not always feel great JUST because you are aware of all your normally unconscious "goings on" ?

Im not interested in other methods to make this work (like being passive as well as aware) im wondering if awareness is all it takes? Or is awareness alone however well trained is not enough?... and you need to incorporate other methodology to your cultivated awareness?
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Or is awareness alone however well trained is not enough?

Awareness is not enough, there is a book with that title

Awareness is the first step, then it's maintaining that awareness, developing equanimity, developing wisdom.  These factors build on each other and gradually increase over time, eventually momentum develops and they become less effortful.

If awareness is good then use that to develop equanimity, just observe the impatience, dissatisfaction, and grasping without reacting.


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The mind that is watching the activities happened within one is yet a replacing mind.

Assuming the mind is "me" for easy explanation, me seen a thought arises, the "me" who watch the thought a moment ago is gone with that previous moment. Every new moment a new "me/mind" arises.

We are waiting for the 3 characteristics to be borne while observing it.
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You are seeing all of the surface yet not the depths. Goofaholix ponts out that awareness is not everything: we have to cultivate other factors.

As long as your mind is running wild seeing all the froth on the surface, you will find it difficult to see below that to what produces/causes those surface manifestations. So .. there is a need to develop equanimity to these arising manifestations, see them without clinging or aversion. As you continue to watch their power to take over your mind will diminish with practice.

It is also fundamental to develop a solid moral foundation of actions and words off the cushion, because without this you will always be feeding the root causes.
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