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Metta- loving kindness by Ajarn Jayasaro.
« on: January 21, 2021, 02:30:57 PM »
From the book- On Love, page 53.

In Dhamma practice, wisdom acts as the
direct antidote to ignorance by examining the
reality of life and the world with a stable, stilled
and unbiased mind sustained in the present.
The direct antidote to craving is the systematic
and integrated development of wholesome
mental states.

 In the case of love, the most
prominent of these virtues are lovingkindness
and the effort to be a good friend. Training
ourselves to practice restraint, to keep track of
our emotions, to let go: these are at the heart
of the negating side of the practice. But at the
same time we need a positive ideal to cultivate.

That positive ideal is provided by the pure love
called metta.
The distinguishing characteristics of a
pure love are:

1. It is unconditional.
2. It is boundless, a wish for all living
beings to be well.
3. It is not a cause of suffering.
4. It is governed by wisdom and
equanimity (upekkha).

It is a miracle that such a love exists, and
that every single human being has the ability to
develop it. When we watch the news and see the
cruelty and heedlessness of our fellow human
beings, the feelings of depression and despair
that can arise may be dispelled by reflecting on
our innate ability to feel metta. It’s true that
human beings can be awful creatures, but it’s
also true that they have it within them to be
better than they are.

Given the nature of metta outlined above,
practicing to educate our love means to:
1. Make our love less conditional.
2. Make it less discriminatory and less
3. Reduce its capacity to cause us
4. Cultivate wisdom and equanimity.
Metta is a pure love because it is free of
attachment to the idea of self (atta). With metta
we want nothing other than the happiness of
living beings.

Metta is love which flows out
naturally from a fulfilled mind, rather than an
agitation in a mind that lacks refuge.

wishes for nothing in return, not even love
or understanding. The Buddha said that the
unconditional love a mother bears for her only
child is the closest approximation to this love in
the world at large. But for the one who cultivates
metta, that love is not restricted to one’s child,
but is felt for all that lives.
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