Author Topic: Need help!! Problems with Meditation increasing in a expontential way.  (Read 1979 times)


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Keeping it short and simple.

Back story:
Since lock down due to Covid - 19 I  started meditation. I meditate almost everyday. Within 24 hours I meditate 2 to 3 hours max. Sitting time varies from late morning, evening and late night i.e. 12 - 1 am (due to least disturbance in my place).

Meditation Method:
Either I recite Om by whispering or by mentally / heart. Before sitting on meditation I usually do alternate nostril breathing. It helps me clear my mind.


1.  Started almost month ago, while whispering Om. I am feeling a blockade of air in my mouth. It feels like I am unable to Exhale while saying the word Om. When I check if actual air is passing or not by taking my hand to my mouth,  I do feel my breathe going outside. but at the same time I will be feeling like I have suffocated while exhaling and have to force air from my mouth.  (Weird) However I have countered this problem by reciting Om from my mind / heart.

2. This one is really bad. This problem started a few weeks ago. Slowly I was feeling the burning sensation on the back of my foot (max) and hand. The burning since then has increased to the point that I have to dip my feet in the water in order to keep my mind off it (while meditating). Burning sensation are strongest at 10 am in the morning and 12:30 pm at night. As a temp. measure, I have started to meditate by sitting on chair and dipping my foot on water. It helps but I would really love to know what is happening or how could I eliminate it.

Strangely I don't have these problem while working or before sleep. It just that these burning occur while meditating.

Thank You everyone for reading this post and looking forward for solution or insight.


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Re: Need help!! Problems with Meditation increasing in a expontential way.
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If problem is serious then stop doing it. Hinduism mantras shouldn't be taken lightly. They have a certain kind of vibration. They do have an effect. This is not a mantra related meditation forum.

I would suggest asking someone who practices Hindu meditation. Some priests from a temple. Maybe Hare Krishna(ISKCON) temple.

As far as I know, chanting just OM is pretty safe. You might be doing something wrong.
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Re: Need help!! Problems with Meditation increasing in a expontential way.
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I have been doing my own research and found out that According to Kieth Sherwood; An author on Chakra healing and Karmic Awareness.
The burning sensation are the symptoms of Karmic Energy Burning. And they come out as burning sensation.

May be its that. But sadly he hasn't provided further details. I am still further researching.  And will definitely seek advice form Hindu Gurus too.

Thank You



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Re: Need help!! Problems with Meditation increasing in a expontential way.
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Might be a good idea,as raushan says, to stop meditating that particular way. There is a lot of meditation advice on the internet, but I would start with one which includes a body scan. If you are feeling heat it is probably because you are tensing muscles without knowing it. We used to chant mantras at the Buddhist centre near me, but only as part of a wider, balanced meditation practice. The vibrations caused by chanting are interesting and you don't get that effect in silent meditation. I found it really effective in a room full of people doing the same thing, but I haven't continued the practice since leaving the centre.

It's a bit like the difference between playing an electric keyboard using headphones and playing a real piano. The music is the same but the effects are quite different.
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