Author Topic: When meditating, is it a waste of time when no thoughts enter our head?  (Read 1011 times)


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Re: When meditating, is it a waste of time when no thoughts enter our head?
« Reply #25 on: September 28, 2020, 11:54:37 PM »
Sounds good; thanks for the info.


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Re: When meditating, is it a waste of time when no thoughts enter our head?
« Reply #26 on: October 13, 2020, 02:07:31 AM »
I was listening to a podcast the other day in which the host said that when we are meditating and are discouraged when thoughts keep popping up in our head, that we should be glad that this is happening. He likened it to going to a gym and just sitting there and doing nothing. One gets no benefit doing this.  One has to lift the barbells in order to gain any muscle.  For me, hearing this was encouraging, but at the same time, discouraging.

The more I meditate, the more I experience periods of no-thought, maybe 10-15 seconds long. Since I listened to this podcast, when I start to experience these moments of awareness without thoughts, I start to worry that I am not "lifting the barbells," and it seems too easy.  I then allow thoughts to freely enter my head, then am discouraged because I get sidetracked by the thoughts.  ::)

So my question is this: When I experience pure awareness without thoughts when meditating, is this a good thing? Or when this happens, should I be making an effort to let thoughts in my head so I will have the opportunity to practice letting them go?  Thanks in advance.

Its been my experience that in opening up there is also clearing. Thoughts and or emotions may come up. Sitting through it in meditation helps them to surface and clear. In that surfacing and clearing you become more open to the reason of the practice. Over time the mind or the emotions become less of an obstruction between you and silence. Or you and joy as in bliss. if that becomes or is a reason for the practice as well as silence.
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