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Strange heart sensensation during meditation
« on: July 31, 2020, 03:54:07 PM »
Hi all

I wrote this post weeks ago, but because I felt better I decided not to share it. Today the same thing I described below happened to me, I'm worried and would like to know if someone knows anything about or felt the same.

My name is Ada, I'm 21 years old.
I’ve been meditating for almost 2 years years now, every day for about 5-12 minutes. A couple of weeks ago I had my first 30 minutes long meditation (it was a guided visualization). In the last maybe 10 minutes of the practice, I felt like my heart skipped a beat, my whole body fluttered, it kind of felt like I was falling asleep and someone pulled me back. I didn’t really care about it then and just kept going with the practice.
The same sensation occurred multiple times after, in the same situation (the end of the meditation). I started to really worry about it. The feeling became stronger and now makes my body flutter every time I meditate, ruining my practice. Since I realized something is not right, the sensation started to haunt me at night, right before falling asleep. I'm afraid of it, my sleep is very bad and I wake up almost every hour. In the same days I started meditating for longer I also started the Wim Hoff breathing technique. When this happened to me at night for the first time I stopped this practice cause I thought it might be in some kind related.
After it kept happening to me for a couple of days in a row, I called the doctor. He thinks it's the stress related to moving out of the house in 2 weeks, although I told him I'm not that stressed (at least consciously) about it. I had a blood test done and am going to have ECG. Still waiting for the results.
I have a healthy lifestyle, I'm vegan, I eat clean, drink a lot of water, supplement with vitamins and exercise.
But I also have depression and anxiety. Since I started to do yoga and focus a lot more than before on my spirituality (about 3 months now) my mental health is a lot better and I manage it easier than ever.
In the past, I had the feeling of my heart skipping a beat although it felt different from what I have now and wasn't regular at all (once for a couple of months, now- every day before going to sleep and meditating).
I also had a pain in the left side of my chest, have been taken by ambulance, and tested with ECG. Medics told me that everything looks good and it's probably one of the chest muscles cause I did yoga with a lot of chaturangas that day, or stress.

Today I woke up gasping for breath. I never had this sensation before, I know how my sleep paralysis used to feel and it's completely different. I'm really worried, I haven't slept almost the whole night cause I'm simply afraid to do so.
Does anyone have any idea what it is? Why did it start to happen while meditating for longer?
I'd highly appreciate any answer.

And now the update after a couple of weeks:
After having done ECG and the blood test the doctor said everything looks good and its most probably anxiety. She prescribed me anxiety and insomnia medication. My sleep got a lot better, the heart sensation I was describing before stopped completely. But there's also another thing. Because of moving around and having a lot on my head, I narrowed down the meditation to about 13 minutes.

A couple of days ago, when I already settled at the new place, I expanded my practice to 30 minutes.
And today it happened again, exactly the same feeling as before, at the of the practice.

I'm really confused, can anyone share their thoughts/experiences with this kind of feeling?

Thank you for taking your time on reading.

dharma bum

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Re: Strange heart sensensation during meditation
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2020, 03:42:12 PM »
Usually in meditation we observe sensations and note that they are transient, temporary and they arise and disappear. But if meditation causes you anxiety attacks, then maybe you shouldn't do it or do it under the guidance of an experienced teacher.
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Re: Strange heart sensensation during meditation
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2020, 05:17:55 PM »
Anxiety is crippling. I know this from years and years of anxiety attacks.

Many years ago, meditation induced panic attacks, so I wasn't able to meditate properly.

You have to convince yourself that the problem is your mind - not your body. That is not easy to do.

A Theravada monk teacher suggested that it is perfectly fine to lie down to meditate instead of sitting in the standard meditation position.

You might consider TRE shaking therapy (google it). You can do it by yourself.  It's simple. You shake out all the tensions and traumas built up in the body.  As long as you don't have real psychosis (severe PTSD, bipolarism, etc.), you will be fine. If you have severe mental illness, you need to do it under a trained TRE expert. That said,  most all the videos on Youtube show you how easy it is. The only thing is, is that you have to stay with it. You can't do it for a month or two, and then quit.

You need to combine TRE perhaps with your vipassana or zen-style meditation practice. Even some Tibetan visualization meditations would be good for you. Learn to observe your body, and understand that all your emotions arise from transient thoughts that have no inherent value or existence.

Also, perhaps try chanting "AH", and feel the vibration below the belly button; or, go do Shumbhavi mudra (raise your head a bit and turn your eyes inward toward the third eye area between eyebrows on a lotus position.

I'm sorry if I overloaded you with information. There is hope. The holy Buddha promised that "even this shall pass" (impermanence of all phenomena). I tell myself this. It is logical, but yet we fight against the rational mind. We know all things are constantly changing.

I've been struggling lately with anxiety and anger. It is samsara. Another thing that helps is knowing that life is suffering. You must come to terms with this reality.
Much love in the Dharma  :)
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