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Felt strong shake and vibration
« on: July 03, 2020, 07:42:32 AM »
Hello everyone,   

Please take my regards. I am new to this group and trying to get an answer from the experts.I have started loving kindness meditation since May by following a guided meditation in online by a monk. Later I listened to some discourses of S.N. goenka. I was inspired by his dhamma talks and trying to follow his technique.

I am seeking to go for a vipassana  meditation retreat but due to current pandemic situation I am continuing to practice meditation at home by concentrating on breaths first and then when the mind settles a bit I try to observe whatever reality menifests within the framework of the body. I use headphone to close my ear so that external sounds cannot distract my attention. However, I still hear noises but I try to ignore always.

While continuing this approach of meditation everyday, yesterday I observed something different. After sometime I started meditation, I felt some continuous beat in my ear. After a while, I noticed my brain is vibrating. It was vibrating in such a speed that it seems my whole body is oscillating but I continued to notice it. After a while, I observed I can feel the heartbeat as well and some other parts of the body was vibrating. I was not able to continue this because I was a bit nervous.

My question is whether it is a normal phenomena of meditation practise or it happened due to other physical issues. Should I continue practise in this way or is there any recommendation?

I would be grateful if you answer.   

Kind regards


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Re: Felt strong shake and vibration
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2020, 03:16:28 PM »
Entirely normal.  You’re building awareness :). Next time it occurs, I suggest just observing it, try not to place judgements of “good” or “bad” on it, and if you do then simply observe yourself doing that.

This is a good thing.  It could also be fabricated to an extent, but I think I know what sensation you’re feeling.  I feel and hear it when I meditate in a quiet place for a long time, or when I achieve such Samadhi that the noises going on around me are not distracting whatsoever so that all my attention moves to the body naturally.


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