Author Topic: Traditional source on the importance of positivity to meditation progress?  (Read 437 times)


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I've been much more privy to my thoughts since i began my practice. One thing I've noticed is that there is actually a quite a bit of noise going on in my head throughout the day if I find myself dissatisfied with how a session went. But this is definitely an unhealthy habit which should be curbed if progress is to be made. You need to relax and realize that you are developing at a very slow pace. It's easy for me to forget all the progress I've made if I come up against this negativity, and I can only direct myself away from it with a conscious effort similar to what I do in Shamatha. 
This is the law of karma of course; I am reaping what I sow. I'm curious if there are any academic or traditional sources on this specifically in terms of the progress made with meditation-- is there another word describing this dilemma other than karma?  I am looking to familiarize myself with as much ancient text as I can.
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You certainly don't want fake positivity. The fundamental positivity of Dhamma is faith in the teachings and path, faith as in confidence; confidence built through understanding the Dhamma, through practice and realising the truths of the Dhamma. If you read some of the meditation Suttas (at accesstoinsight for example) you will constantly find references to faith. This never means "blind faith" or belief. It always means "informed faith" or confidence. Positivity in the general new age or psychobabble talk is a blind belief kind of faith. Make your positivity grounded in that which you find to be true, through understanding, and through personal experiential knowledge gained through practice.
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You should not expect anything from a meditation session. You should not expect (desire) anything in general, this is a source of pain.


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