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Social Media DIY Spiritual Lego-kits
« on: November 09, 2019, 04:23:49 AM »
Back when I did my first Goenka course the internet and social media platforms weren't really much of thing. Perhaps I'm over-reacting but the web seems like a pretty dangerous place for meditation newbies now a days. It especially worrying when you consider that young kids / teenagers have access to many meditation resources on the net without restrictions. There's no proper guidance, no warnings or safety information on the consequences of mixing different meditation techniques. As Matthew, elsewhere on this forum, coined the term 'Spiritual Supermarket' where inexperienced newbies can pick off the shelf tidbits from different techniques  and create their own DIY Spiritual Lego-kit monster. These people have no idea on the potential pitfalls and dangers these monstrous cocktails can have on their psychological well-being. I'm not keen on censorship in general but when it comes to mental health it does make you think whether now is the time to implement some kind of regulations to protect adults let alone youngsters. The problem is how can you ever regulate something as huge and complicated as the web. Maybe there is no answer. It is what it is?

Perhaps the community here can help and make a small contribution to creating a safer environment for meditation newbies. Would it be a good idea to make a list of different meditation techniques with brief descriptions, contact information and PIN it at top for easy accessibility. An alphabetic list so that there is no bias towards a particular technique. Tag which techniques are child / teenager friendly. Whether they have commercial aspects or not. Thing is how do you remain impartial? How do you vet them? What criteria do you use to filter what is and isn't appropriate for newbies? Who gets to call the shots?

Do we use the eight fold noble path as a filter? The five precepts? I don't know, any suggestions or feedback?
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Re: Social Media DIY Spiritual Lego-kits
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2019, 11:13:28 PM »
Good topic and hope members will chime in.
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