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Thank You Matthew
« on: October 10, 2019, 01:32:22 AM »
Just wanted to drop in and say thanks for the excellent guide on calm abiding. It's been an interesting experience even though my practice has been on-and-off over the years, however the benefits are oh so tangible when I maintain my practice and it seems there is a carry-over effect. That is each time I reboot my practice I'm that much further along. Obviously not as far had I maintained continuity, but it's not starting from Square 1.
I also wanted to pass along that I had a breakthrough on this last reboot. The key for me has been a deeper understanding of the significance of that space the practice opens up between bare awareness and mind-body. This time I did my homework on the philosophical underpinnings of the practice and this became crystal clear.
For any beginners my advice would be follow Matthew's guide and bone-up on the significance of that space the practice opens up. It's really a game-changer.
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