Author Topic: When did you do your first retreat and what was your experience?  (Read 2605 times)


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Hi. New here. I've been meditating for a year and a bit now and I've been considering going to a retreat for a few weeks now. Bearing in mind I'm 17 years old, would I be allowed and if I was, are there retreats lasting less than 10 days?

I'm also curious about your experiences too!  :)


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Re: When did you do your first retreat and what was your experience?
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Depends on what is available near you. There are such things as weekend retreats for people who are busy, but it depends on the organisation. You don't say if you meditate with any particular group or are experimenting by yourself. There are Buddhist youth groups which may be more relevant to someone your age, so it might be useful to get in touch with something like that before diving headfirst into something you see advertised. Maybe a 'taster' session?

My first retreat had good and bad elements. I disliked silent times when we couldn't talk as this reminded me of falling out with people who would then give you the silent treatment. Silent breakfasts were particularly troubling to me.
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Re: When did you do your first retreat and what was your experience?
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Some monasteries are conscious of people's work and life requirements and offer weekend or 4 day retreats so I would reach out to some close by. Some will even show what retreats they offer on their website.

I live remote so it was many years before I attended a retreat. They are beneficial given the intensity and access to a teacher, for me though more of a supplement to regular practise at home.


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