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Morphic Resonance - Is it a step too far?
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Not sure where this should be posted.

In a spirit of open mindedness I wanted to bring your attention to this scientific hypothesis proposed by Rupert Sheldrake. Came across this accidentally when watching a YouTube interview with Rupert Sheldrake by Russell Brand (linked below). The scientific community promotes a  materialistic interpretation of consciousness. That it cannot exist outside of the material brain. Basically, when you die, your consciousness dies with you. End of story. No karma to influence your next life, so no re-incarnation takes place.

I don't think its too far fetched to state that there's a link between consciousness and meditation. Can you meditate if there's no consciousness? This Rupert Sheldrake's hypothesis seems to suggest that consciousness has non-material elements hence can exist independently of our material brain. Why is that relevant to Vipassana and Buddhism? I've always struggled with the concepts of karma and re-incarnation. If consciousness can exist independently of our material brain than the information it holds, its memory store can also hold information about your karmic history and effect your next life enabling a re-incarnation mechanism to emerge, to exist. Too far fetched? Not worth entertaining?

Take it with a pinch of salt? Why not give it a  fair chance in the spirit of open mindedness. See what you people think.

Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields - an Introduction

Science Vs God - Is There A Life Force That Transcends Matter? | Under The Skin with Russell Brand

YouTube search: morphic resonance rupert sheldrake


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