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combining vipassana and reiki
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:28:34 PM »
Hi everyone, I am a vipassana meditator in the tradition of s n goenka. I used to maintain a daily practise of two one hour sittings, however in June last year entered a very tricky period in my life and my practise has changed a lot as a result. I started to suffer from severe sleep disturbances and intense fatigue which made it hard for me to meditate, although I have managed to maintain my practise by doing anapana in the morning and evening, and when I don't feel too tired I observe sensations throughout the body. Due to my fatigue and insomnia I have had to drop out of university to focus on getting better, and since I have been struggling a lot to cope, anapana, vipassana and yoga have been helping me through. Recently I fell and cracked my rib, and it was suggested to me to try some energy healing to see if that would help it to get better faster. I think if I'd been thinking more clearly I would've known that this wasn't a good idea, but at the time I was keen to try anything that might help, as I was in a lot of pain and incapable of practising yoga. The energy healing turned out to be reiki, and it has left me feeling very confused and unwell. I feel it is completely incompatible with my vipassana practise, and since it is my awareness practise that is helping me through this difficult period I now feel very unstable. I was wondering if anyone has any support or guidance to offer - I guess I will just have to sit it out until the reiki energy calms down and I am able to come back to my natural inner equilibrium? I wonder how long this might take? Thank you


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Re: combining vipassana and reiki
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2018, 11:20:56 AM »
I think that it is important to come to terms with the energy that flows through us during meditation. There is a balance to be sought between generating the energy to drive change and seeking energy for its own sake, to be some kind of 'bliss bunny' getting natural highs from the practice.

I too go through times when the energy seems to take over, and I find it difficult not to twitch when it courses through me like a bolt of lightning. At such times I try to see it as just another distraction, going back to the breath until it calms down. Mind you, lots of people would be surprised that such energy could be seen in a negative light.
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