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concentration and clear light
« on: February 01, 2018, 05:43:56 AM »
Hello, I'm new to the forum and have been hesitant to share my experience and journey that I have been on because I find it very personal and I am a very private person for the most part. That being said I am hoping g to get some information help getting a better idea of what I am experiencing or if there are simular situations that others have found them self in.

I have been doing a personal study and practice in buddhism for a few years now and have had great results of understanding and breakthroughs  to simplify on one occasion I fully felt and realized the full meaning of the heart sutra as I had been using it as a mantra for a number of weeks. The realization of emptiness of everything and how karma and interdependence are the bonds that govern and keep us in a realm of the senses. More than just on an intellectual level. It happened as I was in the middle of meditation and I didn't sleep for a atleast 2 days because I never felt tired and couldn't sleep with the few found understanding of it.
I should mention that I have never experienced anything close to this before and have never had an experience close to this kind either. Now when I meditate I get so concentrated that I feel as though I run into this warm bright light. Does anyone else experience this light? When I get to the point where the light is present I should note that my concentration is 100% fixated on the breath moving through my body and my rise and fall of the abdomen and nothing is clinging to my mind it's totally clear but then this light just shows up at the height of my awareness.


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Re: concentration and clear light
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2018, 02:11:36 AM »
I personally did not have any such experience. Your experience reminds me of the following words by Osho:

From the state of wonder, there are two paths. One is of questioning -- the wrong path --
it leads you into more and more knowledge. The other is not of questioning but enjoying.
Enjoy the wonder, the wonder that life is, the wonder that existence is, the wonder of the
sun and the sunlight and the trees bathed in its golden rays. Experience it. Don't put in a question mark, let it be as it is"

Enjoy your experience and wonder about it.

Warm regards,

Take everything I say with a grain of salt.


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Re: concentration and clear light
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2018, 01:23:52 PM »
Hi Mark

Good on you for stepping out of your comfort zone and sharing your experience!

Generally speaking, I would recommend – as Middleway suggests – not being too concerned about momentary visual experiences like changing images, colours, lights, etc.

However, as you mention a high level of concentration, I wonder:
1/ is it a repeated experience associated with a state of high concentration?
2/ does it resonate with your in- and out-breath?



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Re: concentration and clear light
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2018, 10:18:47 PM »
I have seen a bright warm light, with eyes closed in a dark room, twice while meditating. The first time I did assume I had "achieved" something and was anxious to get there again. It was striking enough I remember opening my eyes, wondering if there really was a light there. But that was only twice.

I think the visual system in amazing and deprived of stimulus it can generate a lot of imagery. Even when not meditating if you watch long enough with your eyes closed you'll see a lot of different things. I suspect a light is some kind of positive feedback loop, where you see a slight lightening and then interpret it as a light and it gets brighter.

So I think it's basically a side-effect of being in a low-stimulus situation with an active mind. People say don't get hung up on it because it's not the goal of meditation, and it's not clear what it's telling you. If it was a clear sign of something it would have been well documented over the last few thousand years.