Author Topic: With closed eyes before bed, I can see my hands and other things.  (Read 252 times)


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    • Alone, 4 years. Zen, Astral, Kundalini.
My brief spiritual history:
Meditation for 7 years to now, now I'm 23 y.o. I try to meditate most of the time when i do everyday stuff. My kundalini is strong, I can evoke a wave of kundalini from my stomach upwards at any given time, sometimes with goosebumps. Very sensitive emotionaly and energeticaly.
My bed: under the pillow I have three crystals.
Question: I noticed that before falling asleep, not in medatitive state, consciously when i close my eyes and go under the blanket and I can see my hands hands and my bed and my crystals. By seeing I mean - my hands are with white outline and crystals also glow very slight white color. This vision is like very blurry but I can see a little. Is this my spiritual third eye vision ?
I can tell the shape of my hand when I move it infront of my face (in complete darkness).
I wonder if this is not some kind of imagination that comes from knowing exactly where my hands are from my survival mind... Any ideas? I tried walking around in darkness with my eyes closed but its hard. I think my third eye is slighly open, I need more practise and meditation. ..