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Interesting sensations while meditating lately
« on: January 11, 2018, 12:22:42 AM »
Just something I thought I would share…

I read that people sometimes experience weird sensations during meditation. In over 2 years of practice, I can’t say I experienced anything I would call strange. Couple of weeks ago though, in my last 15-20 minutes of meditation, I suddenly had that very strong feeling that the light of the room was becoming stronger and stronger (like if there was a growing fire before my closed eyes). Suddenly the temperature got warmer. The impression of a light in the room got away after a very short time but the feel of heat intensified. Weird because the room was actually rather cold. It felt like when you are starting to overheat when you are inside with your winter clothes on. I didn’t like the feeling at this point. To make things worse, I started to feel my heart beat very loudly. Focusing on anything other than my heart beat became nearly impossible. It was very strong in my ears. For a moment I struggled to keep my eyes closed. The feeling of heat faded away but there was still this loud and strong heart beat when the timer ended my meditation. When I opened my eyes I couldn't resist and checked my heart beat to realize it was actually very normal. My mind was playing trick on me I guess.

There is probably no meaning to it but still, I wonder if it can come from thoughts I didn’t realize I was having. At the time it happened I was worried about my girlfriend who was struggling with heart problems (heart beating at over 120 when resting and beating super strong. It's solved now). I was not thinking about it while meditating or in the hours before but for sure it was an everyday source of stress at the time. Whether it was related to it or not, it gave me a better idea of what it feels to be in her shoes and it wasn't fun one bit.

I had similar experiences twice since then. Those times there was only the feeling of a light becoming brighter and brighter in the room. It lasted a short time before to fade and return again two or three times during my meditation session. I'm not really looking for a meaning to it but I must admit I find it rather interesting.


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Re: Interesting sensations while meditating lately
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2018, 02:08:19 AM »
I too am interested to hear what others have to say about this. I have had similar experiences although I didn't have the heat part. I had my eyes closed and thought my daughter had came home and turned the light on, and I returned to my breath while waiting for her to say something or shake me (I had earphones in with white noise background), and then the light got out of control. It was sparking and it consumed me and then the bodily sensation is what scared me. It was extreme and hard to put in words, I tried to keep focusing on my breath but I became too frightened because of the bodily sensation. To me it was not heat, but vibrations that almost hurt. I tried to go with it but after a few moments I opened my eyes to find the room was still dark, my daughter was not home, and I returned to normal. I immediately wanted to go back to it after opening my eyes, but it did not come back during that session.

I have had the same light becoming brighter and brighter (without sparking) since then and stops after a short time just as you said and never close to the degree as the first time. My heart rate also felt like it was beating fast and hard during the first experience I described. It is possible for me at least, that my heart rate was from the scared emotions I felt. It was not actually scary, I missed the experience as soon as it was gone and hoped for it to return but I quit trying to find it again at this point. If it happens again I will be more open to it.
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Re: Interesting sensations while meditating lately
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2018, 12:03:40 AM »
I have seen lights before while meditating with eyes closed in a dark room. It was like a warm glow. It felt like I was being visited by something and afterwards I told my daughter it must have been a guardian angel. But my guess is it's just your mind finding stuff in the noise of your visual field and enhancing it based on your thoughts. Not to say your meditative state had no role, that certainly might have contributed.

I do something similar when trying to fall asleep. I will focus on "the nothing" in my visual field until something starts to look like something. Then it will enhance. I can see imagery like in a dream, but I'm still awake and there is no dream plot, it's just some imagery. Seems like it's being produced by the mind and shown to the "eyes".

From what I know about the visual system I think this is quite explainable, that higher-level thinking would influence low-level perception. And I think the "eyes closed in a dark room" is just a case where there is no stimuli coming in, so it will either seem like nothing or be filled with invented imagery.

I have not experienced sparking light, heat or heart racing though. That's sounds more intense!
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