Author Topic: I'm fairly new to meditation and I'm searching for answers. Please help.  (Read 874 times)


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I'm fairly new to meditation and I had a very interesting thing happen to me while meditating last night that has me thinking a lot and looking for answers. I was meditating along with a guided meditation, in this meditation, I was manifesting a lot of positive energy and professing my desire to the universe for a certain situation/relationship. I remember on my inhale I would tell myself I was ready for this situation to come to fruition and that I was deserving.  During my meditation, I was falling in and out of sleep, but I distinctly remember during the meditation I was with this person in a field looking up at the sky. We were embracing each other and there was a glowing light coming down on us and all around us. In the midst of us embracing each other, I looked over my shoulder and behind me laying on the ground was what I firmly believe to be a tiger.  The tiger was laying down and it felt very omnipresent. I felt a sense of safety with both the person and the tiger. Instead of being fearful of the tiger I remember looking straight at it and smiling and feeling a sense of protection and guidance like this is where I'm supposed to be in life and that this tiger was confirming my desires for the situation/relationship and that he was going to help me along the way.  My questions are even though there is no right or wrong ways to interrupt my feelings I'm just wondering if that is what this tiger was symbolizing. I felt a trust with this tiger that I had never felt before. I don't know much of what tigers symbolize or what it means when they become present in meditation or in dreams. I did sense a feeling of comfort and assurance that what I want is coming but I still don't get why this tiger showed up.  Does anyone have any knowledge on why this beautiful animal has shown itself in my meditation? Is there any way I can call upon the tiger to show up in my next meditation?


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Re: I'm fairly new to meditation and I'm searching for answers. Please help.
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I practice Samatha/Vipassana meditation in which we don't do any kind of visualization or manifestation. We just try to be aware of the breathing.
So, in this practice we just try to watch any mental formation objectively. Probably that's what you should do. You might not get answer in this forum as most of the practitioner here not practice the technique what you have described.


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Re: I'm fairly new to meditation and I'm searching for answers. Please help.
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When meditating you should not be falling asleep. Focus on your breathing.

Anything else is just distraction.

At least that is my current understanding of meditation at the beginner level.


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