Author Topic: Concerned meditation will cause me to lose my identity,becoming "robot-like."  (Read 3188 times)


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@Ja: "I need to have a carrot dangling; otherwise, I figure what's the point."

Maybe it's just where I was at when my therapist suggested meditation, but he was the first to point out that meditation is not necessarily about blissful calm, but rather about awareness of both self and that around you.  With the inner ADHD that I seem to have, in the past there would have needed to have been a 'carrot' as well for motivation, otherwise my busy mind and inner voice would have forced me to abort each session by minute 15 into the breathing.  Perhaps it was just the faith being put in the millions of those currently and before who have benefited from medition in some obscure way that compelled me to keep at it.  And again, I'm no where near the immersive level that many are here, but by using the simple approach outlined by Matthew in the introductory pages, sufficient benefit is obtained to keep me interested and practicing.  Because of that inner ADHD, his advice in those pages that "Only by repeatedly failing to keep the attention on the sensations in the body as you breathe and calm the body, then by noticing/becoming aware you have done so, and then gently (and without self-criticism - just another form of follow-on thinking), returning the attention to those sensations and calming will you train yourself in the first skill in concentration: maintaining the focus on an object (the bodily sensations)."  I find this 'cycle' of concentration->mind-wander->awareness of mind-wander->***compassionate*** return of attention to breathing/body->attuning/attending to breathing/body to be crucial to my meditation session and also moderately transportable to everyday stressful life experiences where the 'stressfull situation' somewhat parallels 'mind-wandering' in the cycle.

As for the identity/personality discussion, it seems we all have an authentic core personality and identity.  It seems to me that meditation will help our manufactured personas (or by bypassing them?) come more in line with our real/true personas, thereby reducing discord between the two.  This may cause some issues with relationships in your life, but those who are of an accepting nature will be there with you as may go through transformation for the better.

I am fine with not seeing the benefits of meditation during or even that day, when I am aware of the overall benefits are, this serves to be the "dangling carrot" to sit two hours a day.

So essentially what you are saying is that meditation accomplishes the opposite of what I was concerned that it was accomplishing.  That makes total sense. The more we meditate, the more we become who we truly are. So if someone doesn't like the change, it should be comforting to us that the person they preferred before was a different person, and not really our true personality.  Meditation helps us to find ourselves.

Thank you.


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