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Touching saying on the matter of path
« on: December 29, 2015, 07:34:48 AM »
Your wisdom naturally arises
and you don’t differentiate suffering and joy
Actually, this joy and this suffering..
they are the same.
The same.

Quiescence and action you can’t separate
Don’t distinguish these, there is no difference
Work with one mind
with one mind, all of this is done in no time
isn’t that right?
All of this is the practice
it’s not just sitting quietly somewhere
All of this is balanced and tranquil
even work is very calm
don’t think this or that when you work,
just work

Practitioners are working towards liberation
The Buddha said there’s too much suffering in this world
so we all want to become buddhas
You can live a hundred years or live a thousand years…
The buddhas and bodhisattvas will take care of you
But the purpose of this life is to become a Buddha
People eat dirt, dirt eats people
no matter what you do, we must return to this earth
none of this is real, everything returns to this

If you see through this world and let go of it
this is wisdom
if you see through it, but don’t let go…
that’s just “talking Zen”

“ten thousand things
all in this breath
grasping hold of emptiness
there’s really nothing to say”

“Ten thousand things, all in this breath…”
why are people in this world so busy?
just for this one breath
they say, “busy, busy, mine, mine….”
busy a whole lifetime for “Me”
when this breath is cut off..
you let go of the whole universe
why not let go from the start?

There’s nothing real from the start
everyday, morning to night, gathering things..
big and small, valuables...
money, name and recognition...
gathering it all up into your lap
like you're holding the golden key
busy your whole life for nothing
acting like a thief
why not put all this energy to liberation?
put this mind to the Path
everyone in the world is controlled by this
shed this control and then you'll be free, content

The Lengyan scriptures say
"though there are words to speak, none of these are real"
talk and talk, like flowers falling from heaven...
it's all worthless
and so, "there is really nothing to say"
If you think what you are grasping is real...
there's no good in that
you can't take it with you

- Buddhist hermits of Zhongnan Mountain
to be or not to be - one hardly notices the subtlety


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