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Soulful Eye
« on: December 21, 2015, 03:55:06 PM »
Earth, our one and only home,
Being reaped, yet too little sown.
We children of this blessed globe,
Need to listen more to it's soul.

The time is now to act and stand.
Not alone, but all, hand in hand.
Dark forces are nearing their goal,
To drive us into a light-less hole.

Awaken from your slumber you witless fools,
Time is fleeting, yet there's so much to do.
Reason with not just your mind,
But let your entire essence intwine.

Eons of existence,
since our beginning passed,
Vicious and foul families,
their poison up on us cast.

The entirety of our history,
Nothing is what it seems to be.
Everything to their will halted,
And most insidiously altered.

It is now the time has come,
To rise up, you,me, everyone.
Not in hatred, not in war,
But in Love... Simply, adore.

Let weapons lay where they lie,
Let our warmongering past, die.
All of us, listen and feel our world,
Let it once more, become our treasured pearl.

All these so called wealth and riches,
Mean nothing in a world tampered with glitches.
Money, a continuously growing mountain of debt,
To people in this world, we don't even elect.

The endless crackling of their whip,
Eventually they will surely lose grip.
They might even think they have already won,
Yet I see the awakening has merely begun.

Open wide, your soulful eye,
And see what currency cannot buy.
Love the only thing that truly matters,
Granted to all on heavenly platters.


A poem I wrote to inspire those, who are not yet or amidst the awakening process.
Never let go, or don't grasp first of all.
Were you to lose grip, then in one hand spit.
Whilst the other's still holding,
your renewed strength unfolding.


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