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energy surges during meditation
« on: July 10, 2015, 02:53:14 PM »
Hi.  I was wondering if others have had a similar experience, and their thoughts about it.  I've sat 4 10-day courses and one 8-day satipatthana course.  At retreats especially, and sometimes also at home meditation sits, when I am really calm, concentrated, and equanimous, I'll get a surge of energy through my body.  It feels like it starts in my hand, arms, or torso, though sometimes lower, moves up quickly and out, I exhale sharply, involuntarily, sometimes making a small noise, my shoulders rise and I kind of jerk my body,  then a sensation of prickles/tingles moves down my body, again mostly felt in my arms and hands but also sometimes elsewhere.  At my first retreat, the teacher told me it was impurities arising and passing away.  Old sankharas.  I do not look for the experience, so I feel I have no attachment to it happening, but I do find it interesting, and wonder about the experiences of other meditators.  Also, I get warm when I meditate.  At retreats folks are bundled up in blankets and shawls as though they cool down when meditating, but I get warmer and warmer.  I've learned, no blankets for me!  Another meditator said it's old anger arising.  Sure, I've had serious issues in the past with rage and depression.  Again, it's interesting. Or as Mr. Spock would say, Fascinating.


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Re: energy surges during meditation
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Heat, cold, energy surging, tingling, it's just all the same: anicca :)
Let's go beyond this illusion, shall we?


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