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Sri Chinmoy center?
« on: December 12, 2014, 07:29:34 PM »
So turns out the only remotely local meditation place I have is a sri chinmoy center. Anyone have any experience with them? Visited it just a few days for the first time and atleast if felt nice to meet people with similar values but it felt a bit too focused on "the leader" and selling Chinmoy related stuff but that might just be because they wanted to tell me about him since I was new. And we were only 4 people and it felt very much like the meeting was more about them getting to know me than anything. We did a some guided meditations and had some talks between each. Mostly about me and general things about meditation.  The "guide" or whatever I should call her was an older woman that's meditated for 35 year and she only meditates for 30 minutes/day from what I understood. She told me that's she's really just a guide to give us the keys and she's not even close to being a master. But she's studied under Sri Chinmoy until he died.

They seemed impressed that I regularly meditate 1 hour every single day and that I've managed to do it all by myself for 2 years. I'm always very shy and careful and don't like to boast so I said unclearly said something meaning more than 1 year and everyone assumed 2 years and I didn't have the heart to correct them with 5+ years even if it's really only the past few years that I feel I've made progress. I'd like to meditate more but until recently I've always fallen asleep when meditating in the evening so I didn't tell them that I strive for much more and that I regularly take short meditation breaks during work to observe anything that's come up recently that I've missed. Atleast for me 2+ hours/day is what I feel I need since I've always been very slow with learning and generally being aware. And optimally/from experience probably double that.

And from my reading about Sri Chinmoy I'll probably have to start wearing all white clothes if I stay since and I quite from wikipedia " the men wear white clothing, while the women wear colourful Indian saris" The man there wore all white and both the women wore colorful saris. I'll go back on sunday since that's the next time they have an open meditation.

Any thoughts/ideas would be helpful.

Thanks in advance :)


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