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Hi, i'll just explain as best I can what has been happening and I hope someone can give me some advice as the best way to proceed.
I've been meditating for about 2 years now. I started meditating when I stared doing yoga just a few minutes at the end. Pretty much straight away I started getting a very unpleasant feeling in my chest. I was advised to bring my attention to the sensation and that it would pass which it did. A similar sensation arose a few days later and from then on the sensation arose more and more frequently and for longer periods until they became a permanent feature a soon as I sat down to meditate( and for a while afterwards now). The sensation can be very painful sometimes and are always uncomfortable at least and can be anywhere in my chest or stomach area. Sometimes when a particurly bad one passes I sob for a few seconds with no tears.
It seems like it is doing some good to be just present with the sensations but it is very difficult to develop my concentration as the sensation usually completely overpower the breath. I also fing it very hard to stay with the sensations for very long as my concentration is not develop. I meditate between one and 2 hours a day and do some yoga and mindful walking most days also. I feel that I am dealing with this unskillfully as it is not resolving and it is very hard to keep motivated to keep meditating through what seems to be unending suffering.
So im not sure what to do basically I'm at the end of my endurance and I don't want to stop meditating as I feel that the practice is doing me some good, at least when I look at it over the long term.


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Hi jermur1,

You say the answer yourself:

I also fing it very hard to stay with the sensations for very long as my concentration is not develop

When the sensation arises take a mental note of it but keep your mindfulness on or bring your mindfulness back to the breath gently. Develop a calm/relaxed but awake concentration. In doing so these sensations will likely diminish and, even if they don't, you will be developing the tools you need, and currently lack, to deal with them.

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I had to remove sangharas from my chest where i was operated for almost a year and a half. It takes time. When one feels they are at the end of endurance is the time the pain has manifested itself the most and suffering is at its peak. Usually just a little more is what it takes to end suffering considerably.

When one sits to meditate, somewhere around 30 mins the pain in the leg intensifies because of sitting in the same posture without moving. This pain starts to clean the consciousness. By the 40 to 45min mark the pain reaches unbearable stage and also consciousness is very pure at this stage. One believes he got lot of calm and tranquil mind and changes position and starts from start with that pure mind. This is so wrong. Meditation actually begins at this moment. If one can look past the pain at that moment he can easily sit for another 30 mins without changing posture and enter the auto pilot purification mode. What i want to say is Pain fools us into thinking he is too strong when actually it is at its weakest. Its a show off.
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thanks for the replies. The seem to have helped, at least my motivation is back, I've been doing at least 3 hours a day since. I did some metta today as well at that seems to have helped as well.


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