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Realization: Everything is changing
« on: October 21, 2013, 09:32:29 AM »
Yesterday, I read the last chapter of " Mindfulness in plain english.

You begin to look upon yourself as if you were a newspaper photograph. When viewed with the naked eyes, the photograph you see is a definite image. When viewed through a magnifying glass, it all breaks down into an intricate configuration of dots. Similarly, under the penetrating gaze of mindfulness, the feeling of self, an 'I' or 'being' anything, loses its solidity and dissolves

I understood that these dots that create or what we perceive as " I" are thoughts, memories, previous actions, changing circumstances in life, everything that exists us in our mental universe.

I realized that since everything is constantly changing, the dots of the portray are too. So we, ourselves, change constantly through life.

With this I understood that there isn't much of a point to cling to our feelings our thoughts, since it is constantly changing. It's like a passing show, shifting, transformig, all the time. Of course there are important things, but they don't control you as before, you feel hapiness, but you don't chase it when it ends, you feel sadness but you don't reject it or fabricate it. Because you know, it changes.

I saw the portray analogy everywhere, in songs ( which is a concept), the songs are a mix of different instruments. Cars are comprised of a whole lot of different materials, and all these objects, items, everything- is constantly changing, transformig, vibrating. I saw people and how they were comprised of different structures in their mental universe. Different thoughts, feelings, experiences. And how everyone longed to achieve peace and sustained happiness.

With this realization I felt an intense sense of joy, a freedom, after a while my whole body started shaking, I started crying since I understood how futile and insignificant my goals in life where. I became scared. This experience was so intense that it triumphed every feeling I've ever felt in life. More intense and wide than sex and drugs.

This however, doesn't mean that you just lie down and let everyone walk over you. It just means that you keep your goals or your path in life, but you sense that things like compassion, love, happiness are the most cherished and valuable things of human beings.

Although, I realized this yesterday. It quickly subsided, I didn't understand why. But I realized this morning, that it pervades my entire being when you are mindful and calm. When you meditate and contemplate and see these changes occuring everywhere. Now I understand why it is absolutely crucial to be as much mindful as you can in everyday life. Otherwise this realization fades away.

I've also started reading Jataka stories, which are essentially buddhist tales and analogies. One that really had an impact on me was the " Angear-eating demon.

You can read it here;

I now understand that anger, or ill-will is the most dangerous hindrance. Because it has the potential to hurt others. And this analogy can be applied to any state of mind.
You begin to look upon yourself as if you were a newspaper photograph. When viewed with the naked eyes, the photograph you see is a definite image. When viewed through a magnifying glass, it all breaks down into an intricate configuration of dots.


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Re: Realization: Everything is changing
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2013, 10:42:22 PM »
Very cool story; congrats on the insight beyond your normal formed ideas.  Realization is a neat feeling, isn't it?  Drawing from reality based on your own experience; it has real substance to us.

One thing I was thinking about this morning with regards to ego was why we do, what it is we do.  What's our mindset?  You said everyone longs to achieve peace and sustained happiness, and I was curious where we got this idea.

After a while, it dawned on me.  What is our first experience with a developed brain, with any sort of memory or ability to learn?  It is the experience of birth.  It is going from a condition: completely satisfied and protected within the womb, with all our needs sustained through the umbilical cord of our mother - to being torn away from such a feeling, and experiencing "lacking" for the first time.  As infants we want what nourishes us and keeps us warm, and crying when these needs are not meant.  This to me was the first introduction to attachment and craving for that feeling we once had, and there is no way for a human being to avoid that introduction.

Then after that, what do we do?  We surround ourselves with fancy things to sustain our minds, we buy strong houses to protect ourselves, as we age we look at sex to satisfy the cravings of nature, all to stop the mind from poking us in the back of the head and say "move, move, move,"; to bring back that feeling of peace and perfect satisfaction that was originally taken from us; that feeling we once knew and do everything in our power to try and recreate.  A proverbial, "being tossed out of Eden", and trying to get back in.  We have that memory of "perfection", even if we don't realize it because it was a feeling before suffering, and the greatest experience we felt as human creatures, and we want it back .  We spend so much time and energy trying to be perfectly cared for, protected and satisfied; completely disturbing any chance for peace with things as they are and how they have changed.

What's the issue with this?  If we look at our experience, time doesn't move backward, but forward.  There was once a situation of contentment, but it passed as all things do.  What I feel most people don't realize is that there was even a time before they were conceived, and that even contentment lasted only 9 months and was not permanent, yet we pursue it like we can keep it forever, even though there is no evidence of such an experience lasting.

That's when I realized that only when we stop trying to run backwards towards something that has passed, can we be free to be in line with the way things are.  Say you are joyful, it will pass.  You are depressed, it will pass too.  Your feelings about yourself, they will change.  Your skin will age, you will die.  All of these things aren't sad, they are reality; they are only sad when you look at them with the intent of protecting all the things you have grown attached to.  This is the idea of "letting go", and not chasing after or running from things that will pass away in their own due time.  This is nirvana, the extinguishing of the flame that pushes us forward and pulls us back, the realization of the futility of chasing, realizing that nothing we can do will give us any serious and permanent happiness, and the peace that comes from the realization that there is no need to run and chase with such determination and anxiety.

Why did I tell this whole story?  I wanted to share my own realization as you did, my own personal experience.  This is complete nonsense to someone else, and I wanted to type it up to show that even though this is true to my own insight, that doesn't mean it holds any value to another person.  It's interesting to me that we each have our own experiences, and everyone differs in the things that affect them or are insightful to them.  And, how no matter how much we tell other people (I could type and write for days), it won't matter to them, because it is like showing them a picture of an apple.  They have to work and actually taste it to really "feel" the knowledge, and be able to implement it into their personal experience.  Good stuff, keep at it! *runs back to sitting cushion*
In my experience, peace is not enjoyment or happiness, nor will peace keep you from getting hurt or depressed.  Peace is only the quality of not being disturbed.


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Re: Realization: Everything is changing
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2013, 11:15:35 PM »
Nice. This realization gives lot of freedom. Thanks for sharing.
This wisdom of "everything is temporary" and let it called Viveka in Indian tradition. Every seeker has to get this to go move further in the path.

As per my experience.
This needs to sustained as we keep forgetting this many times.  We have to hold on to it till it becomes part and parcel of our sub conscious.


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