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still can't "let the breath be"
« on: July 20, 2013, 04:55:21 AM »
I'm stilling the Subject line...   hope to be forgiven.

Let's start from here:,1711.msg22537.html#msg22537  - my introduction.
then this is the closest topic to my "issue": - let the breath be.

East (Indian) teachings was s :'(omehow far away from me. I could not get them. But, recently, the author I am reading, started from Indian holy books and use quite terminology to express ... whatever.

And one of the first steps in meditation is the breath thing.
In this topic, together with your help in meditation, I will share some ideas. If you allow me. One of them is that one need knowledge and practice to achieve something real.

So. Achieving "let the breath be" is getting to (or touching) the reality of Brahma. Brahma is the "cosmic" aspect of humans mind, intelect and ego. As I understand, with calming the mind (thoughts) we isolate from our ego and mind. That way we "transfer" our "I" from ego and mind to the intellect - the observer. No thoughts, but observing. And the "road" to Brahma is ... the breath. That's why it is so important to achieve it.

So, calming the mind, observing and differentiate from thoughts, and concentrating to the breath.

We suppose to "see" waves and synchronize our breath with them. And our intellect (Manas) is in touch with the "cosmic" one - Brahma.

I can't "see" any waves to synchronize my breath with. Has any one had similar experience? And what is your way to achieve it?
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Re: still can't "let the breath be"
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We do not practice vipassana or samatha or anapanna (observing and being aware of breath) to become one with the maker or any such cosmic knowledge, we do it for simple reason and that is to get rid of suffering. We have observed negativity in our mind and simply want to get rid of it from our mind.

So no one will answer if the question is irreverent to the goal that we all are aiming for. And i feel that your question is the same and no answer is to be given to such questions, just like buddha never answered such questions.  :D


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Re: still can't "let the breath be"
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It's good to deal with reality and not speculative knowledge about gods and waves and such. The breath is reality, with you all the time. We use the breath in meditation as an anchor to reality and as a tool for developing some of the fruits of meditation that can help with a deeper and deeper investigation of reality.

Calm and concentration, recognising thought and other fleeting phenomena of the body-mind as 'not self', developing equanimity, kindness, insight - these are all real phenomena you can investigate and develop or cultivate in your way of being that will lead to a happier, less stressed life - both for yourself and those you come in to contact with.

If you met God along the way then that may be, if you seek God through the way, find him/her you will not.

Keep it real, cosmic speculation is pointless, cosmic knowledge may come but until it does don't seek it.


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Re: still can't "let the breath be"
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Mindfulness of breathing helps to still the mind during mediation. If you feel you are having difficulty with this, keep it as simple as possible and do it often.  Don't worry about what is or isn't happening and just be aware of your experience.

Find a quiet space, simply watch your breathing and let your mind settle.  If you find yourself distracted, bring your attention back to your breath.  Begin doing this for a short time, say 10 to 20 minutes at first, instead of aiming for a period of time which is too long for you.

You may find it helpful to start by first counting the breaths to still the mind. This mundane task helps train you to focus the mind and let go of other thoughts.  There are many different ways to do this.  Some count each exhalation until they reach 10 or 100. I like using mala beads.  For every 2 breaths I push a bead forward until I reach the end of the set. 

Observing and becoming aware:
Focusing on the breath without counting, you may wish to choose a spot to watch the sensations, like the belly rising and falling, or the air flowing through the nostrils.  If the breath is inwards note that.  If the breath is out, then be aware of that.   Be aware if the breath is short or long. You are training the mind to be aware of the body.  Observe where the breath is coming from and the process of breathing.

You are also training the mind to see reality as it is.  You may notice the breath is continually changing and perpetually flowing.  Perhaps the constant in and out of your breath is similar to "the waves"? You may notice that the breathing happens unconsciously, yet you can also consciously affect breathing.  Through practice you are learning to see 'things as they are' and the 'suchness' of reality.

Keep it simple to start and do it often.  Direct experience is key and all the lessons and theory remains as just ideas until you practice them and live it for yourself.  You may find that many wonderful experiences can come this practice.   There are many sources for study to enrich your practices; the Buddhist teachings of Anapanasati, and the yoga techniques of Pranayama are just two examples of sources of instruction for this.

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Re: still can't "let the breath be"
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Thank you very much!


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