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Hello there,

I have a question about the focussing on the breathing of the Vipassana:

In my opionion, there are two choices:

1= you can focus on whatever sensations you can feel in your abdomen (the stretching of all the sensations of the abdomen when falling and rising) when rising and falling, or
2= you can focus just on one point, like there's a coin on your abdomen and you follow that with your mind while falling and rising of the abdomen

Like this website ( says:

''During the rising-falling exercise don't focus on the breath or the physical components of the abdomen. Keep your attention on the surface of the body and focus only on the movement, which is perceived subjectively as a subtle sensation of tactile pressure, a sensation which keeps changing from moment to moment.
Imagine lying on your back, putting a coin or some other object on your stomach and, with your eyes closed, mentally "watching" the coin move up and down as you breathe. Or think of a buoy on the water, moving up and down with the waves. The coin and the buoy are like the spot on the abdomen, and the meditator just follows the up and down movement."

My teachers said that when you focus like this on the abdomen concentration will be greater than mindfulness, which is not what you would want when practicing Vipassana. But I have an anxiety disorder and if this helps me to get out of my head sooner, that would be fine by me and then I can always start on balancing the two (concentration-mindfulness) again. But for now it is for me important that my anxiety will reduce, in order to start next month with my new master at the university... (now I tend to use anti-anxiety drugs too much, e.a. alcohol,  when the anxiety gets to strong, and that will be very negatively for my study).

Maybe continuing with samatha at the where I am now will be better for 'fixing' me anxiety disorder. The social phobia is far reduced but I still feel VERY anxious when I am alone (which means I'm not with my girlfriend), sort of very heavy attachment to my girlfriend. She goes on holiday for 10 days soon and I feel very anxious about that, for example. Also when I wake up alone (and she is not there), I am very anxious. I'm starting with new professional therapy for that now, but any help on how to go through with my mediation practice will be valued enormously (I mean that I will be very gratefull for this),

With regards,



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