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Who did the Meditation First, Meditation Invention Logic
« on: June 06, 2008, 05:11:54 PM »
I was a bit curious to know who did meditation first and how did one discover/invent to correct the root cause of misery. Was Siddartha the first person or did he refine the method?

I or a common man didn't know that there are sensations in our body, we are reactive mind etc. Without any basic knowledge, how did the first person know that meditation (any "meditation" technique )is the method. We know, so many millions of people lived and died in misery and no one was able to find out a path to come out. So just curious, what were the clues, logic etc ::) that the first person got, which made him or her meditate, for so many hours  :-\.

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Re: Who did the Meditation First, Meditation Invention Logic
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I'm not sure I understood your question right. I'll try answering the following:

Who invented meditation?
If you think about it, it's amazing to be the first one to invent something (anything) who invented surfing?
Did a man started looking at the waves, and knowing that wood floated thought:  "Hey maybe I can stand on a piece of wood and ride the wave?". OK, this seems plausible, but then what about trying and trying to actually do it?! It takes a lot of will and faith...
According to my Yoga ex-teacher, the men who invented meditation where holy man that actually lived in meditative states due to their lifestyle. Then, somehow (by spiritual revelation or by just sitting and experimenting) they found out the method to meditate.

How did the Buddha discover buddhism?
There is a story which tells us the life of Siddharta Gautama. Why he did it and how he actually did it... only by asking him would you know such thing.

Was he the first Buddha?
According to this article he was the 28th and there will be at least one in the future...   it may be you!!



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Re: Who did the Meditation First, Meditation Invention Logic
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There were many meditation techniques and schools that pre-dated the historical Buddha and active communities of seekers at the time of his life. He studied with all the famous masters of his day but found all their methods were missing something.

Meditation has been in use for thousands of years, discovered, lost, rediscovered countless times. No one can be very sure of what the Buddha really discovered unless they follow the path and discover it for themselves. Maybe even his real method of meditation is currently lost awaiting rediscovery.

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