Author Topic: To renounce or not to renounce?  (Read 9792 times)


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Re: To renounce or not to renounce?
« Reply #25 on: April 05, 2013, 01:13:47 AM »
...why not spend 6 months to a year in Thailand as a real life monk - they have that option in stead of committing to it for the rest of your life like in Tibet...
I do intend to spend perhaps a year living in a monastery; one of the purposes of this trip is to stay just for a week or three at a monastery to see whether I could really handle the austere routine. I do understand that if peace cannot be found in the present moment here in my own country, this won't be solved by going to some other country. And I've travelled quite a lot, so I know how one can see home in a new light after being away for an extended time.

But I do need to solve the problem of what to actually do with each daily moment from this time on! People say "stop doing, and just be" - so do I just sit in my room staring at the wall all day?! Perhaps I should treat each day as a retreat, but I feel incapable of sitting for long periods in meditation without regular guidance.

I may still be full of ego, but nevertheless I have this feeling of being pretty bored and uninterested in myself and would prefer to try and make a positive difference to other people's lives, in any way I can. And I know it's probably incorrect to say this, but the suffering in my own country sometimes seems trivial ("first-world problems") compared to the more urgent needs of people struggling to survive in some poor countries, or those wrecked by power struggles and religious conflicts.

So I think basically I've been given this gift of freedom and time, and I want to spend the time either directly helping those who are in real need, or practicing meditation with the assistance of a good teacher. Or preferably both, as sitting around in a monastery developing equanimity seems a bit pointless unless you then apply it.

Be kind to yourself, be happy- don't think too much, don't analyse, don't judge- just be.   And look for chance to do good and follow through.   Be a hero to someone, even for a day.
Thanks very much Falkov for your kind and insightful comments.