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Hey everyone,

first of all sorry for my English.

I'm 21 years old and I've been practicing meditation for about 9 months. Lately I've been meditating between 1 and 2 hours a day.

I learned a lot, expecially the latest months. Let me tell you in the beginning I couldn't really sit for long periods of time, I was really restless, felt really anxious and sometimes I couldn't even sit for 10minutes.
I still have this uncomfortable feeling  but I can cope with it now, it doesn't overwhelm me as much as it used to do.
I'm beginning to learn to sit with that feeling so that is helping me a lot.

When I started to meditate seriously I realised that my body was overreacting to every input and it really needed some time calm back down again. Also when observing my breath it seemed that most of the time my breath was really heavy,shallow and that I was breathing through my mouth.

I used to do the body scan a lot but recently I've started to do the breathing meditation(just observing the breath) but it's been really hard. It seems so unnatural, like I feel like I can't really let it just flow.

Most of the time I try to focus on the air coming in and out of my mouth. Also I tried to observe it coming in through my nose but when I do that most of the time I don't feel anything and I have the feeling I breath unnaturally. Me and my breath aren't good friends apparently.

Anyone has any advice for me?


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Welcome to the forum Bryan,

It sounds like you are progressing quite well.

If you are having difficulties feeling the touch of the breath then take a couple of forced hard breaths, locate the touch of breath on any location and bring your awareness to this point and then resume with the bare natural breath.

If you get a chance a retreat may help with the awareness of the incoming and out going breath. If you dedicate a few days to nothing but meditation of the breath the awareness in this area is greatly heightened.

Also I find observing five precepts very helpful in developing concentration.


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Welcome, Bryan. :)

Me and my breath aren't good friends apparently.
:) Could you allow yourself to let go of the wanting to be friends with the breath? Could you just allow it to be what it is, and  try as best as you can to just observe it? Many a time, the intense desire to control things can really get in the way of our meditative practice, even the wanting to control something as simple as breath.

Attending a retreat should also help you. At least we would get an environment to keep perfect Sila for some period of time which should help us to improve our Samadhi.
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